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  • 0.73
    68ad3401 · CHANGES for 0.73 ·
    got 0.73
    - got patch: use diff3 to merge changes if possible (op)
    - tog: alias C-b/C-f to scroll page back/forward with b/f (jamsek)
    - tog: make SPACE page down in all views (naddy)
    - tog: allow prefixing movement keys with count modifier (jamsek)
    - always show commit or tree IDs in diff header, in order to help 'got patch'
    - build non-release builds with -Wwrite-strings (op)
    - got patch: handle git-style diffs for the 3-way merge too (op)
    - implement support for commit coloring in got-read-pack for speed
    - move got_opentemp out of open_blob and blame.c for future gotwebd (tracey)
    - move got_opentemp out of diff.c and diffreg.c for future gotwebd
    - tog: refactor log cursor movement in preparation for horizontal split (jamsek)
    - tog: implement support for horizontal splitscreens (jamsek)
    - switch 'tog diff' and 'tog blame' to Myers diff by default for speed
    - make the diff algorithm used by 'tog diff' and 'tog blame' configurable
    - make the patch parser look for the next "diff" header for robustness (op)
    - got patch: don't loose the x bit when merging with diff3 (op)
    - got patch: handle mangled whitespace (op)
    - fix "imsg_add TREE_ENTRY: Result too large" error on i386 (semarie, op)
    - create and verify tags signed by SSH keys (jrick)
    - tog: add C-g/backspace key map to abort compound commands (jamsek)
    - rename got.conf(5) fetch-all-branches to fetch_all_branches for consistency
    - rename got.conf(5) mirror-references to mirror_references for consistency
    - use pipe() which is a more portable syscall than pipe2() (jrick)
    - got patch: check for specific chars instead of using isspace(3) (op)
  • 0.72
    c57e65c9 · CHANGES for 0.72 ·
    got 0.72
    - fix "bad offset in pack file" error due to uninitialized variable (op)
    - initialize all variables used for sending privsep messages to zero (op)
    - tog: reset search state after Ctrl-L to fix a use-after-free (op)
    - fix unexpected imsg error after incomplete enumeration in got-read-pack
    - tog: heed selection cursor position while searching (patch by Mikhail)
  • 0.71
    6de537c0 · CHANGES for 0.71 ·
    got 0.71
    - got patch: fail when reading empty hunks (op)
    - got patch: switch from fseek() to fseeko(), use unary minus (naddy)
    - got patch: avoid open/sync/close of the fileindex over and over again (op)
    - make got_privsep_recv_tree() reject trees with less than zero entries
    - plug memory leak in an error path of got_privsep_recv_tree()
    - prevent an out-of-bounds access in got_privsep_recv_tree()
    - parse tree entries into an array instead of a pathlist for speed
    - batch up tree entries in imsg instead of sending one imsg per tree entry
    - imsg_add() frees its msg argument on error; avoid double-free in error paths
    - avoid malloc/free for duplicate check in got_pathlists_insert()
    - plug a small memleak on error in got_pack_create()
    - fix paths stored in pack meta data, improving file deltification
    - store a path hash instead of a verbatim path in pack meta data
    - reduce the amount of memory used for caching deltas during deltification
    - shrink struct got_pack_meta a bit by removing the have_reused_delta flag
    - use random seeds for murmurhash2 (op)
    - fix bug in findwixt() which caused pack files with missing parent commits
    - avoid looping over deltas twice in dump_delta_chain_to_{file,mem}()
    - open tempfiles needed for delta application upfront, for future gotwebd
    - reduce GOT_PACK_CACHE_SIZE to 32 to accomodate for previous tempfile change
    - tog: override SIGTERM and SIGINT handlers to avoid ncurses cleanup() handler
    - move creation of tempfiles outside of lib/diff.c
    - tests: don't pass $ret to test_done on failure when it's known to be zero (op)
    - tests: set `ret' in a few places where it was forgotten (op)
    - convert delta cache to a hash table
    - implicitly unstage changes when staging the reverse of a staged diff (op)
    - implement object enumeration support in got-read-pack for speed
    - add one-line output mode to got log with -s flag (patch by Evan Silberman)
    - rename the former got log -s (search) flag to got log -S
    - make it possible to match committed patches with got log -p -S pattern
    - tog: add key bindings for half-page scroll (patch by Mikhail, Mark Jamsek)
    - make got log -S match author name and commit ID, like tog search does (op)
    - got patch: ensure new and old paths are NUL-terminated (op)
    - got patch: guard against invalid (negative) line offsets (op)
    - got patch: use ints for line offsets instead of longs (op)
    - remove redundant datalen checks before calling recv_imsg_error (op)
    - use strndup instead of malloc+memcpy in privsep.c (op)
    - do stricter validation of data received from libexec helpers (op)
    - move got_opentempfd() out of got_repo_open(), for future gotwebd (tracey)
    - fix D_GOTWWW default path; gotweb can now run without a config file again
    - add horizontal scrolling to tog diff, blame, and log views (Mark Jamsek)
    - show last-modified date in the "tog ref" view if 'm' is pressed (Mark Jamsek)
    - make tog horizontal scrolling work with unicode (with op@)
  • 0.70
    1dc7dca2 · CHANGES for 0.70 ·
    got 0.70
    - avoid subtraction of values larger than int in qsort(3) comparison callbacks
    - make 'got patch' handle git-style rename diffs
    - store deltas in compressed form while packing, both in memory and cache file
    - avoid O(N) loops over object ID lists while packing
    - run the search for deltas to reuse in got-read-pack directly, for speed
    - hook send.sh cmdline tests into 'make regress', this was overlooked earlier
    - fix regression from 0.69 where packing tags fails if zero commits are packed
    - map delta cache file into memory if possible while writing a pack file
  • 0.69
    45b17929 · CHANGES for 0.69 ·
    got 0.69
    - plug a memory leak in got_fetch_pack() (patch by Mikhail)
    - plug a memory leak in list_refs() (op)
    - link libexec helpers against _p libraries when building with 'make PROFILE=1'
    - regress: use test(1) -eq and -ne to compare integers, reduce quoting (naddy)
    - got patch: add -p option to strip path components (op)
    - stop relying on commit cache for good performance of got_object_id_by_path()
    - leave work tree in usable state after 'got rebase' fails path-prefix checks
    - make gotadmin pack -x option work with tag arguments
    - make 'got cat' not search for a work tree if the -r option is used
    - make 'got tag' unlock work tree earlier to allow other parallel commands
    - add a -q (quiet) option to 'gotadmin pack'
    - sort references by date for packing to process newer commits first
    - fix double-free in an error case of cmd_checkout()
    - make sure callers of got_object_idset_add() free data (tb)
    - speed up initial stage of packing by adding a "skip" commit color
    - regress: redirect jot(1) output instead of looping over it (op)
    - reimplement object-ID set data structure on top of a hash table
    - inline struct got_object_id in struct got_object_qid for speed
    - got patch: resolve paths from the current working directory (op)
    - got patch: add -R option to reverse a patch (op)
  • 0.68
    ce15c8e2 · CHANGES for 0.68 ·
    got 0.68
    - explicitly include <endian.h> for be32toh() (naddy)
    - apply time-based rate-limiting to send-/fetch-/index-pack progress output
    - make the URI parser tolerate trailing slashes at the end of the input URI
    - add 'got patch' command for applying unified diffs (op)
    - handle reference arguments which look like short object IDs (with naddy)
    - make got log, diff, blame, tree, and cat unlock the work tree earlier
    - fix 'got status' with an obstructed file given as argument (found by op)
    - cache a list of known pack index files when the repository is opened
    - print additional progress information while packing
    - const-ify data tables which contain only constants (naddy)
    - fix gotweb build failure with -Werror due to write-only variable warnings
    - move got_errors[] table into a single compilation unit, error.c (naddy)
    - explicitly include <unistd.h> for close(2) (naddy)
    - fix potential NULL deref in error path of got_object_idset_remove()
    - man pages: fix missing commas between subordinate and main clauses (naddy)
    - fix a bug where 'gotadmin pack' packed too many objects unless -a was used
    - gotweb: fix free() on uninitialized variable upon error during blame
  • 0.67
    4c91cf3d · CHANGES for 0.67 ·
    got 0.67
    - compress delta data from delta_cache directly into pack file
    - show rebase and histedit backups in tog ref view
    - gotweb: unbreak index page when pack files are missing (tracey)
    - make 'got rm' behave like rm(1) for paths found missing on disk
    - make 'got rm' report an "unexpected status" error for unversioned files
    - fix double-free and double-close issues in error paths of got_packidx_open()
    - fix 'got status' showing unversioned directories on NFS (found by Ted Bullock)
    - fix loose object file header parser for zero-length headers
    - improve 'got add' error message if file does not exist (found by Timo Myyrä)
    - improve error message due to malformed `author' in got.conf (omar)
    - fix infinite loop triggered by pack files >= 4GB in size (found by semarie)
    - set zlib output buffer length properly after resizing the output buffer
    - improve error reporting for invalid numbers given on command line (omar)
    - fix 'got diff' on files which match an ignore pattern (found by omar)
    - reduce minimum deltification chunk size to 32 (suggested by ori)
    - use murmurhash instead of sha1 for deltification blocks (suggested by ori)
    - shrink the width of formatted output fields to their expected size (naddy)
    - reuse existing deltas when creating pack files
    - fix fd leak in got_fetch_pack (omar)
    - fix imsg_clear calls after imsg_flush failures (omar)
    - display GMT offset in 'got cat' command (jrick)
    - const-ify command and option tables (naddy)
  • 0.66
    21ecd399 · CHANGES for 0.66 ·
    got 0.66
    - only open raw objects if necessary while writing out pack file data
    - map raw object files into memory while packing if possible
    - encode short deltas in memory instead of writing them to a temporary file
    - add missing checks for reads beyond the mapped memory area of a pack file
    - fix file corruption regression in 'got checkout' from 0.65 (reported by naddy)
  • 0.65
    81c0cc1e · CHANGES for 0.65 ·
    got 0.65
    - fix 32-bit size_t multiplication overflow in meyrs diff code
    - ignore the return value of closefrom(2) (patch by Anna a.k.a. CyberTailor)
    - sort paths in got log -Pp and tog's diff view the same way as in the diff
    - fix NULL dereference in 'got clone' if server sends an empty pack file
    - tog: make searches start from the current position in all views
    - tog: clear search highlighting when reloading view (naddy)
    - set close-on-exec flag on files opened by main process (suggested by millert)
    - use 'gotadmin pack' when running tests with GOT_TEST_PACK=1, not 'git repack'
    - fix bogus "object not found" errors when specified object ID begins with 00
    - avoid creation of new temporary files whenever a packed object is read
    - use time-based rate-limiting for gotadmin progress output
    - print status output even when 'gotadmin cleanup' finds no objects to remove
    - tog: fix a scrolling problem when diffing binary files
  • 0.64
    9fe19ceb · CHANGES for 0.64 ·
    got 0.64
    - try only 3 delta base candidates instead of 10 to speed up packing
    - use up to 128 delta chain elements again; creates smaller packs at same speed
    - remove unused variables to fix LLVM 13 warnings (naddy)
    - make 'got rebase' switch the work tree if no commits need rebasing (jrick)
    - fix man page HTML rendering for command aliases (kn)
    - let gotadmin find the repository automatically if invoked in a work tree
    - preserve binary files during updates and merges instead of leaving them empty
    - allow sorting references by timestamp in tog ref view
    - add got ref -t option to sort listed references by modification time
    - add got branch -t option to sort listed branches by modification time
    - regress: make test operands POSIX compliant (thomas_adam)
  • 0.63
    f1028e98 · changes for 0.63 ·
    got 0.63
    - fix 'got send -T' regression if tag already exists on server (found by Omar)
    - fix another regression where a 3-way merge would segfault (naddy)
    - tog: add Ctrl-n/Ctrl-p for scrolling one line down/up (patch by Omar Polo)
    - always initialize output parameter "n" of get_line() in diff3.c
    - set oldo.to in diff3.c's duplicate() even if the file contains no newlines
  • 0.62
    d89fbca5 · CHANGES for 0.62 ·
    got 0.62
    - man pages: document command aliases in tmux(1) style, add tags (kn)
    - ignore unversioned files while aborting rebase, histedit, merge or operations
    - let 'got fetch' send all references to the server to avoid redundant downloads
    - plug memory leaks in got-fetch-pack and got-send-pack
    - provide lib/Makefile to enable tags file generation (kn)
    - add support for multiple path arguments to 'got diff'
    - fix merging of lines inserted at the top of a file (reported by Omar Polo)
    - display the requested object type in "object not found" error messages
    - implement 'got diff -c' for diffing commits with optional filtering by path
    - speed up 'got histedit -l' and 'got rebase -l'
    - fix merging of files which contain a dot on a line by itself
    - sort and de-duplicate work tree path command line arguments (suggested by kn)
    - fix pack index cache element rotation; keep often used entries near the front
    - use a bloom filter to avoid pointless pack index searches
    - do not skip ignored directories in 'got status' if they contain tracked files
    - FreeBSD's ed(1) does not accept "0i"; use the equivalent "1i" instead (naddy)
    - speed up pack file creation a little by caching raw objects
    - limit delta chain length in newly created pack files to 32 deltas
    - while packing, store encoded deltas in temporary files instead of in memory
    - sync with OpenBSD parse.y (naddy)
    - make 'gotadmin indexpack' unveil the repository read/write, not read-only
    - plug memory leak in an error path of read_packed_object()
  • 0.61
    9d9e459f · CHANGES for 0.61 ·
    got 0.61
    - fix list of 'got status' options in the got.1 man page
    - tog: use sched_yield(2) for better portability (patch by Quentin Rameau)
    - fix histedit_no_op test which was failing randomly (patch by Lucas)
    - fix 'got send' with tree objects which contain symlinks (reported by Omar)
    - tog: show parent commit IDs of merge commits in the diff view
    - add a 'got merge' command for creating merge commits
    - fix 'got update' of an added + obstructed file
    - mark some function parameters 'const', as they should be (patch by Omar Polo)
    - add 'static' qualifier to local functions in got-read-pack (again Omar Polo)
    - fix some integers that had a slightly wrong type (again by Omar Polo)
    - match printf specifiers and (cast) types for portability (naddy)
    - don't change bad symlinks into regular files during merges
    - handle errno variations upon open(2) failure with O_NOFOLLOW for portability
    - garbage-collect unused "dist" target from subdirectory Makefiles (naddy)
    - match the unsigned char type used by the zlib interface (naddy)
    - fix unsigned/signed char mismatch in parse.y (naddy)
    - fix 'got fetch' downloading too many objects in some cases
    - interrupt 'got rebase' upon missing/unversioned/not-deleted files
    - interrupt 'got histedit' upon missing/unversioned/not-deleted files
    - pull in a type fix from the OpenBSD parse.y template (naddy)
    - explicitly set the default branch name after 'git init' in regress tests
    - add histedit -e option which runs the 'edit' script command for every commit
    - skip ignored directories during 'got status' disk crawl
  • 0.60
    4a87b370 · CHANGES for 0.60 ·
    got 0.60
    - fix another instance of 'got send' sending branches the server already has
    - make 'got send' regression tests run 'git fsck' on all involved repositories
    - shell code fixes in regress tests for portability (naddy)
  • 0.59
    47975383 · CHANGES for 0.59 ·
    got 0.59
    - fix copy-pasto in got.conf man page
    - add -q quiet mode to checkout and update (tracey)
    - make 'got send' send commits which are referenced only by tags (found by Omar)
    - add -S option to 'got status' for suppressing certain status codes (tracey)
    - make 'got checkout' display the checked out reference and commit ID
    - make 'got update' display the worktree's branch name upon success
  • 0.58
    fec556bc · CHANGES for 0.58 ·
    got 0.58
    - tog: support navigating to first/last line of tree and ref views (naddy)
    - tog: jump directly to first log item instead of traversing the list (naddy)
    - tog: when jumping to bottom of the log view, go from tail backwards (naddy)
    - make "got branch -d" print reference name and value (naddy)
    - move code duplicated by got-send-pack and got-fetch-pack to common files
    - assert against accidentally overflowing argv[] in got_dial_ssh() (naddy)
    - make 'gotadmin info' display separate send/fetch URLs if they differ
    - fix a null-pointer deref in 'got fetch -d' (reported by Omar Polo)
  • 0.57
    49213cad · changes for 0.57 ·
    got 0.57
    - remove superfluous strdup(3) from parse.y files (Martin Vahlensieck)
    - adapt regress tests which handle UTC dates (naddy)
    - make 'got send' actually heed branch {} options in got.conf(5) as intended
    - disable ignore lists during status walks used by rebase and histedit
    - tog: add support for navigating to first/last line of blame view (naddy)
    - fix bogus error when 'got cherrypick' merged changes into locally added file
    - remove ancestry checks to make 'got cherrypick' and 'got backout' run faster
    - limit checks for merge conflicts to files affected by the merge to be faster
    - fix 'got send' adding too many objects to the pack file in some cases
  • 0.56
    ce0c9cde · CHANGES for 0.56 ·
    got 0.56
    - prevent a race where 'gotadmin cleanup' deletes concurrently created objects
    - plug a small memory leak in tog's show_diff_view() function
    - fix a use-after-free in get_changed_paths() in got and tog
    - use less memory allocations when formatting log messages
    - make got_deltify() rellocate the deltas array less often
    - plug a memory leak in an error path of got_deltify()
    - fix miscalculation of the final pack file size reported by got_pack_create()
    - fix the error message shown when the server sends a bad ref line
    - prevent NULL deref in got-fetch-pack if server does not announce capabilities
    - add a missing bounds-check in got-fetch-pack when parsing server response
    - fix, again, use of POSIX [ s1 = s2 ] syntax instead of [ s1 == s2 ] (naddy)
    - add 'got send' for sending changes to remote repositories (with naddy, tracey)
    - allow deletion of refs/remotes/ branches with got branch -d
    - add missing "return 1" to failure handling in the regress scripts (naddy)
    - make realloc_ids() malloc-like and do not overallocate (naddy)
    - fix seek to incorrect offset in the delta base when creating deltas
    - use gmtime_r(3) to display timestamps in UTC as intended (found by naddy)
    - add keys for navigating to first/last item of tog log and diff views (jasper)
  • 0.55
    d7fcf401 · CHANGES for 0.55 ·
    got 0.55
    - display recovery steps in the lonely pack index error message
    - fix double-free that ocurred upon exit from 'tog tree'; found by naddy
    - don't scan pack index offsets for large values if pack file is < 2GB
    - new -X option for removing backups created by got rebase and got histedit
    - add 'got fetch -X' option for deleting references created by 'got fetch'
    - make 'got ref -d' print reference name and value like the new -X options do
  • 0.54
    a4b6bb94 · sync distfile list ·
    got 0.54
    - fix imsg header includes in pack_create.c
    - explicitly include endian.h for be32toh() in repository_admin.c (naddy)
    - switch from SIMPLEQ to equivalent STAILQ macros (naddy)
    - fix logic error in gotweb navigation for commits, briefs, and tags (tracey)
    - fix bugs where files skipped by 'got update' could not be updated again
    - fix out-of-bounds access in 'gotadmin pack'
    - fix unintended redundant recallocarray() calls done by 'gotadmin pack'
    - cache object type in memory to speed up packing of objects referenced by tags
    - fix, again, use of POSIX [ s1 = s2 ] syntax instead of [ s1 == s2 ] (naddy)
    - new 'gotadmin cleanup' command for removing unreferenced loose objects
    - handle pack index files which lack a corresponding pack file
    - make 'got add' always require the -I option in order to add ignored files
    - write lines instead of just one character at a time in diff_output_lines()
    - verify object ID checksums while loose objects are being accessed