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  • 0.48   got 0.48 - use POSIX [s1 = s2] syntax instead of [s1 == s2] (patch by Ryo ONODERA) - tog log: terminate author field at '>' in case there is no '@' (naddy) - replace fparseln(3) with getline(3), for better portability (naddy) - make 'got clone' pin the fetched branch in got.conf(5) - allow the 'got fetch' -l option together with the -q option - store branches passed via 'got clone -b' in got.conf(5) and git-config(1) - work around spurious ACK responses from git servers in got-fetch-pack - add a 'fetch-all-branches' configuration setting to got.conf(5) - add a 'reference' directive to remote repositories in got.conf(5) - fix 'got up -c commit path' deleting unrelated files (found by Timo Myyrä) - fix 'tog blame' segfault upon empty input file (found by naddy) - let 'got clone' write gitconfig directives that match the generated got.conf - fix a use after free in got_worktree_close() (naddy) - make fclose(3) failure checks consistent; check 'fclose() == EOF' everywhere - make close(2) failure checks consistent; check 'close() == -1' everywhere - fix missing close(2) error check in got_worktree_close()
    8c6f70b8 · CHANGES for 0.48 ·
  • 0.47   got 0.47 - update got.1 CAVEATS section; prompted by feedback from otto@ - fix assignment to wrong pointer in got_ref_dup() - fix performance on repositories with many references (e.g. freebsd src.git): o implement an object ID map for reference lists o use reflist object id maps in got log, tog log, and tog diff (with naddy) o switch reflist to TAILQ; insert elements more efficiently for sorted input
    1252b141 · CHANGES for 0.47 ·
  • 0.46   got 0.46 - reset tog blame view's scroll position if line count shrinks too much (naddy) - replace unprintable characters with '.' before passing them to curses (naddy) - allow editing of log message comments with 'got histedit' - implicitly mark all files in work tree as up-to-date after rebase/histedit - add fd field to got_repository, modify got_packidx_open to use fds (yzhong) - more size_t for loop indices to avoid signedness warnings; by emaste@freebsd - fix path existence check in got_object_tree_path_changed (reported by jrick) - fix parsing of tag objects which lack a tag message; found in u-boot.git repo - do not mix up repos if tog's -r option is used in a work tree (with naddy) - avoid signed vs unsigned comparisons in fetch.c (with millert) - introduce got_custom_error array to support multiple errors in flight - switch to strerror_r(3) in error.c for thread-safety
    22cbd110 · CHANGES for 0.46 ·
  • 0.45   got 0.45 - new diff implementation from git.gameoftrees.org/diff.git (with neels) - use Patience diff algorithm with fallback to Myers diff - new blame algorithm which compares commit N-1 to N (with neels) - handle binary files in got/tog diff commands; add -a options to force text - consistently label removed files as "/dev/null" in diff headers - prevent potential fclose(NULL) in error path of diff_blobs() - use size_t for loop indices to avoid signedness warnings (by emaste@freebsd) - in tests, replace echo with printf and stop option processing via "--" (naddy) - fix test failure of test_tree_submodule_of_same_repo for packed repos (yzhong) - add fd to got_worktree, modify got_fileindex_entry_update to use fds (yzhong) - add histedit -f flag for folding shortcut (jrick) - prevent log message loss of folded commits during histedit - tog: plug two memory leaks in draw_file() - tog: show current/total line numbers in diff view header - tog: highlight matched search terms in diff and blame views - tog: call pthread_cond_destroy(cond) just once when closing log view (naddy) - tog: reset diff view's scroll position if diff context shrinks too much - tog: make tog diff accept reference and tag arguments; add -w and -C options - tog: new 'tog ref' subcommand which displays references in the repository - tog: fix entry selection when moving to the parent in tree view (naddy) - tog: fix page-down/page-up scrolling in the tree view (with naddy) - tog: trim redundant parameters from many functions, and tidy up code (naddy) - tog: log view now requests more commits when the window expands (naddy) - tog: call pledge(2) directly in main() instead of per-command - tog: fix bug on FreeBSD where pressing 'q' in a child view caused tog to exit - tog: fix move to next/prev commit in diff view if log is not displayed (naddy) - tog: make ^L in the log view stick to branches/tags selected via -c option - tog: make tree view keep track of branches/tags specified via -c - tog: fix crashes when the log view reloads displayed data - tog: resize events go to child views as well as parent views (found by naddy) - tog: move the tree view's selection cursor up if terminal shrinks too much - tog: fix display of lines that end in "\r\n" (problem found by jrick) - tog: accommodate newer ncurses where panel_userptr() returns const (naddy) - tog: use getline(3) instead of fparseln(3) for better portability
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  • 0.44   got 0.44 - detect unknown repository format extensions such as Git's sha256 extension - prevent a NULL dereference if 'got log -p' runs against a root commit - fix permissions mode bits for fetched pack files; patch by Alisdair MacLeod - use fchmod(2) instead of chmod(2) (semarie, naddy) - initialize sb.st_mode after stat(2) failure in got_worktree_resolve_path() - clear staged file type in file index entries whenever staged status is cleared - unlink temporary files in error cases of install_blob() - fix replacing a file with a symlink during merges; problem found by jrick - fix parsing of 'ON' keyword in gotweb parse.yl patch by Martin Vahlensieck - remove unused variable in gotweb.c; patch by Martin Vahlensieck
    76e818c5 · changes for 0.44 ·
  • 0.43   got 0.43 - do not treat the -h and -V flags as errors (naddy) - allow regress test data to be stored in locations other than /tmp - unveil repositories read-write when adding tags with 'got tag' - rewrite test argument parsing with the POSIX getopts shell built-in (naddy) - in tests, accommodate ls -l implementations that print "total 0" (naddy) - fix a bug where 'got status' showed an unchanged empty file as changed - handle non-const basename(3) and dirname(3) for POSIX compatibility - properly handle nonexistent remote repository names given to 'got fetch'
    47d693bd · CHANGES for 0.43 ·
  • 0.42   * got 0.42 - add "branch" keyword to got.conf which specifies a list of branches to fetch - rework got's commit-time log message modification check - fix potential type mismatches between format specifiers and arguments (naddy) - prefer the BSD extension to reset getopt over the GNU one (naddy) - fix 'bad path' error from 'got clone' by unveiling the repository path again
    2b451e1a · changes for 0.42 ·
  • 0.41   got 0.41 - make 'got ref -d' delete both loose and packed representations of the ref - make dangling symbolic references show up in 'got ref -l' - fix handling of slashes in got.conf repository paths (found by naddy) - hide remote HEAD refs in gotweb in order to match got and tog output - make 'got histedit' collapse folded add+delete operations (found by jrick) - fix matching the first object ID listed in a pack index (found by jrick) - let 'got clone' try to connect to server before creating repository contents - fix default branch name written to Git config file by 'got clone' - allow an interrupted 'got clone' to be resumed by 'got fetch' - handle failed connection attempts to git:// servers (patch by jrick) - make gotweb work in subdirectories of the web space (found by uwerler)
    5a7c94c1 · CHANGES for 0.41 ·
  • 0.40   got 0.40 - do not rely on <zlib.h> to pull in <unistd.h> (naddy) - remove unused #includes from the new got-read-gotconfig/parse.y (naddy) - document our default choice of text editor (suggested by Ricky Cintron) - in tests, replace ksh syntax with POSIX arithmetic expressions (naddy) - fix got.conf overriding GOT_AUTHOR even if no author is set in got.conf - in tests, expand arguments in shell script for POSIX compatibility (naddy) - fix crash in got_free_gotconfig() - in cmd_checkout() handle basename(3) modifying its argument for portability - print newline to clear the bottom line when tog exits (naddy) - install got-read-gotconfig into gotweb's chroot environment
    6a3f2fe4 · changes for 0.40 ·
  • 0.39   got 0.39 - add -q option to tests for quiet output and use it for 'make regress' - document how to re-create a corrupt or missing file index in got-worktree(5) - fix some memory leaks in tog (tracey) - add workaround for a performance issue when 'tog diff' shows a large diff - add -s option to 'got status' which acts as a status code filter - add -s option to 'got remove' which deletes files in a particular status - plug a memory leak in got_privsep_recv_tree() in error case - in got_object_commit_get_logmsg(), handle log messages which lack '\n' - do not rely on <zlib.h> to pull in <unistd.h> (naddy) - use POSIX standard endian functions and include <endian.h> (naddy) - add got.conf(5) configuration file - use modern POSIX timestamp fields in struct stat (naddy) - use plain write() in place of dprintf() with a pre-formatted string (naddy) - stop including <sys/syslimits.h> directly (naddy) - switch regress function declarations from ksh to POSIX shell syntax (naddy)
    0866d289 · changes for 0.39 ·
  • 0.38   got 0.38 - add support for managing symbolic links under version control - new -S option for 'got commit' and 'got stage' to skip symlink safety checks - add a 'got info' command which displays work tree meta-data - display more context in "no such entry found in tree" error messages - fix spurious 'got cherrypick' error with a path prefix and an empty tree - fix committing file additions from a work tree with a path prefix - fix build error with clang 10 due to missing for-loop block grouping (naddy@) - make 'got log' -R and -P options work in combination
    0fe7d714 · CHANGES for 0.38 ·
  • 0.37   got 0.37 - cope with directory entries returned from readdir(3) with type DT_UNKNOWN - fix merging with files that do not contain a newline character - heed .{cvs,git}ignore if a path is given on the 'got status' command line - plug memory leak that occurred when files were deleted during checkout/update - add new parse.y code for future use and restructure gotweb's parse.y - fix an error return in gotweb (by Martin Vahlensieck) - document how to use commit messages prepared in a file (by Scott Bennett) - make 'got/tog tree' show symlink targets like 'ls -lF' does: link@ -> target - allow creation of commits which carry unmodified submodule tree entries along - some error, usage, and progress message improvements
    6f076e8f · CHANGES for 0.37 ·
  • 0.36   got 0.36 - fix "no such entry found in tree" error with got log -p and an added path - show a list of paths changed in a commit with 'got log -P' and in tog - prevent false positive tree entry differences due to bogus file mode bits - write directory tree entry mode bits in the same way as Git does (0040000)
    d52a5ad7 · changes for 0.36 ·
  • 0.35   got 0.35 - don't pass "-p 22" to ssh; makes ssh_config's Port option work (semarie) - fix a file index corruption problem with 'got rebase' (found by tracey) - fix 'got log -r' loading refs from the wrong repo if invoked in a work tree - filter out "remotes/*/HEAD" references in got/tog log output
    bc726746 · changes for 0.35 ·
  • 0.34   got 0.34 - make use of new convenience API functions of kcgi 0.12 in gotweb - make 'got update' skip conflicted files (prevents loss of local changes) - show a summary of conflicts and related problems after updating/merging files - add 'got log' -x option to stop logging when a specific commit was traversed - add 'got log' -R option to reverse commit display order - clarify wording in got.1 related to local changes/commits/branches - show bad object ID in "object not found" error messages where possible
    930c05b6 · changes for 0.34 ·
  • 0.33   got 0.33 - normalize tree entry modes to 0100644 or 0100755 when writing tree objects - fix "searching..." displayed in tog log view while merely scrolling down - in got.1, clarify how 'got update' deals with local (aka uncommitted) changes
    6b7ca607 · changes for 0.33 ·
  • 0.32   got 0.32 - be nice to unaware users who attempt to use got commands in a Git work tree - show 'searching...' during 'tog log' search even if no new commits are loaded - display "no matches found" if no commit matches a 'tog log' search - display "no more matches" if 'tog log' search cannot find any more matches - make 'tog log' consistently scroll a page upon page-down key (found by naddy) - make 'got fetch' create or restore remote HEAD reference if it is missing - make 'got fetch -d' delete branches from both refs/heads and refs/remotes
    1dff1298 · changes for 0.32 ·
  • 0.31   got 0.31 - take status line into account during page up/down in 'tog log' (naddy) - make 'got tree' use the current branch if invoked in a work tree (tracey) - compute pack file's checksum during download and check it in got-fetch-pack - make got-index-pack compute and verify the pack file's checksum as well - stop verifying pack file checksum in the main process during clone/fetch - fix bogus 'reference HEAD not found' error (reported by Matthias aka _xhr_) - make 'got clone' create refs/remotes/origin/HEAD, as 'git clone' does - make 'got fetch' handle updates to refs/remotes/*/HEAD
    fb2b849b · changes for 0.31 ·
  • 0.30   got 0.30 - add support for git and git+ssh network protocols (patch by ori@) - add 'got clone' and 'got fetch' commands - don't error out if rebase sees no merged paths; elide the commit instead - prevent 'got commit' from committing empty sub-directories (found by tracey) - allow limiting the output of 'got ref -l' to a single ref or a namespace - add -c option to 'got ref' which now expects just one argument after options - plug a memory leak in got-read-pack - remove 'Next' link from tags on gotweb summary page if no tags exist (tracey)
    6909a160 · changes for 0.30 ·
  • 0.29   got 0.29 - trim directories in got remove -R (tracey) - prevent commits from being listed more than once in a histedit script - fix histedit 'rebase commit ID mismatch' error when splitting a commit - be helpful when users try to check out work trees without a known branch - map 'tog path' to 'tog log path' if possible (requested by mpi) - when "bad path" errors occur always show the path in question - show merged commit ID upon merge conflict during rebase and histedit
    cff5d32f · change for 0.29 ·