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  • 0.20   got-0.20 - fix reading pack files larger than 2GB - try not to hide errors from helper programs when got exits - use less empty padding space after author name in 'tog log' - rename 'got init' and 'got import' default branch to "main" (patch by kmos@)
    473cb1cd · CHANGES for 0.20 ·
  • 0.19   got 0.19 - add optional colorized display mode to tog - make 'tog log' show abbreviated commit IDs if the window is large enough - fix staging of multiple files with -p - show commit date's century in 'got blame' output (patch by Tracey Emery)
    b302f6b8 · changes for 0.19 ·
  • 0.18   got 0.18 - always show the input path when realpath(3) returns an error - preserve log message when an error occurs during commit, tag, or import - ignore empty files in refs directory instead of throwing errors - show file mode differences (executable bit) when diffing in-repository trees - fix handling of executable-bit changes during update, commit, and status - improve tog's responsiveness after loading hundreds of thousands of commits - fix tog performance bug which made searching through commits very slow - add 'got integrate' command for merging a branch back to its parent branch - show content from the merge-base file in 3-way merge conflicts, if available - improved indication of 3-way merge inputs in conflict marker labels - handle read errors in got_packidx_init_hdr (found by jj@ with scan-build) - remove worklist code; it was only used to unlink files already unlinked - show bad reference names in error messages to make such errors more clear - add -w (ignore whitespace) option to 'got diff' - improved coding style and error handling in diff3 code
  • 0.17   got-0.17 - make 'got branch' without args show work tree's branch (requested by benno) - show temporary branch in 'got branch -l' during rebase and histedit - refresh references when 'tog log' view is refreshed with Ctrl+L - make 'got status' read .gitignore files; support **/ and /**/ in patterns - handle empty trees during 'import' and 'checkout' (issue reported by sthen) - show only whitelisted commit headers in 'got log' (semarie) - properly handle getline(3) return type as ssize_t (hiltjo)
    1b450cf1 · changes for 0.17 ·
  • 0.16   got 0.16 - replace fgetln(3) with getline(3) for portability (patch by Steven McDonald) - fix implicit time.h includes (patch by Steven McDonald) - fix tiny memory leaks and other minor bugs found by jj@ with scan-build - fix missing error checks (found by jj@ with scan-build and by Steven McDonald) - avoid a couple of potential NULL derefs (found by jj@ with scan-build) - fix cosmetic display issues involving \n and TABs in tog(1)
    eab2e76a · CHANGES for 0.16 ·
  • 0.15   got 0.15 - use author name/email from ~/.gitconfig if GOT_AUTHOR is not set - obtain repo format version and commit author name/email from .git/config - fix line-wrap for lines spanning the terminal in tog diff view - make 'got status' ignore inaccessible directories (reported by semarie) - unstage may need to write to repository; fix unveil(2) call accordingly - fix modified files not shown by 'got status' after committing staged changes
    6c1263b4 · changes for 0.15 ·
  • 0.14   got 0.14 - fix tag_list test failure on single-day-digit dates (patch by Evan Silberman) - prevent theoretical double-free with non-OpenBSD asprintf (found by jasper@) - fix NULL deref in got_error_from_errno via got_error_uuid (found by jasper@) - make tog release its work tree lock before going into main loop - 'got stage' writes to repository, fix unveil(2) call accordingly
    b542b18a · changes for 0.14 ·
  • 0.13   got 0.13 - fix several possible leaks, use after frees, and NULL derefs (hiltjo) - tog: mbs2ws: fix sizeof of element for memory allocation (hiltjo) - fix deletion of branches stored in packed-refs - fix 'got log path' in a work tree with a path prefix (with Evan Silberman)
    dc74ba25 · changes for 0.13 ·
  • 0.12   got 0.12 - add support for path arguments to 'got cat' - make 'got log -p path' display patches for the specified path only - allow creating branches based on commit IDs - prevent deletion of the work tree's current branch - detect and ignore Git submodules - indicate non-existent path arguments in 'got status' - make 'got diff' error for non-existent path arguments - make 'got tag -l' list tags by time stamp in descending order - fix reading pack index files with large offsets (patch by Hiltjo Posthuma)
    9d762f74 · changes for 0.12 ·
  • 0.11   got 0.11 - add 'got tag' command - add 'got cat' command - support quick cancellation in 'tog blame' view - fix search prompt location in split-screen tog views
    a2887370 · repair build on sparc64 ·
  • 0.10   got 0.10 - fix and simplify blame algorithm
    0c349e71 · changes for 0.10 ·
  • 0.9   got-0.9 - fix blame bug where lines were annotated with wrong commit - man page spelling fixes (patch by Hiltjo Posthuma) - fix uninitialized 'editor' variable (found by Hiltjo Posthuma) - make 'got revert' ignore unversioned files instead of aborting (semarie@) - fix "last commit cannot be folded" histedit check with reordered commits
    37ee2bb3 · changes for 0.9 ·
  • 0.8   got 0.8 - write tree entries the way git likes it to prevent git index corruption - make 'got blame' show line numbers, dates, and author names - add GOT_LOG_DEFAULT_LIMIT env var for setting a got log -l default
    36e8577e · changes for 0.8 ·
  • 0.7   got 0.7 - properly parse timestamps in commit objects as UTC (patch by Hiltjo Posthuma) - strip Git GPG signatures from log messages - fix regression: don't try to parse "leightweight" tags as real tag objects
    50c7d1b0 · changes for 0.7 ·
  • 0.6   got-0.6 - 'got log' and 'tog log' now display tags in addition to branch references - 'got ref' can now be used to create symbolic references - use <limits.h> instead of <sys/limits.h> (patch by Thomas Klausner) - fix crash if 'got rebase' has no commits to rebase (with semarie@) - annotate symlinks with @ in 'got tree' and 'tog tree'
    3b80a05b · sync dist file list ·
  • 0.5   got-0.5 - fix blame with single-commit history and with files without \n - fix crashes in tog when blame returns no results on a file (found by otto@) - man page improvements (bentley@)
    cbc52e82 · changes for 0.5 ·
  • 0.4   got-0.4
  • 0.3   got-0.3
    17cf36d4 · changes for 0.3 ·
  • 0.2   got-0.2
    25189667 · changes for 0.2 ·
  • 0.1   got-0.1