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  • 0.36   got 0.36 - fix "no such entry found in tree" error with got log -p and an added path - show a list of paths changed in a commit with 'got log -P' and in tog - prevent false positive tree entry differences due to bogus file mode bits - write directory tree entry mode bits in the same way as Git does (0040000)
    d52a5ad7 · changes for 0.36 ·
  • 0.35   got 0.35 - don't pass "-p 22" to ssh; makes ssh_config's Port option work (semarie) - fix a file index corruption problem with 'got rebase' (found by tracey) - fix 'got log -r' loading refs from the wrong repo if invoked in a work tree - filter out "remotes/*/HEAD" references in got/tog log output
    bc726746 · changes for 0.35 ·
  • 0.34   got 0.34 - make use of new convenience API functions of kcgi 0.12 in gotweb - make 'got update' skip conflicted files (prevents loss of local changes) - show a summary of conflicts and related problems after updating/merging files - add 'got log' -x option to stop logging when a specific commit was traversed - add 'got log' -R option to reverse commit display order - clarify wording in got.1 related to local changes/commits/branches - show bad object ID in "object not found" error messages where possible
    930c05b6 · changes for 0.34 ·
  • 0.33   got 0.33 - normalize tree entry modes to 0100644 or 0100755 when writing tree objects - fix "searching..." displayed in tog log view while merely scrolling down - in got.1, clarify how 'got update' deals with local (aka uncommitted) changes
    6b7ca607 · changes for 0.33 ·
  • 0.32   got 0.32 - be nice to unaware users who attempt to use got commands in a Git work tree - show 'searching...' during 'tog log' search even if no new commits are loaded - display "no matches found" if no commit matches a 'tog log' search - display "no more matches" if 'tog log' search cannot find any more matches - make 'tog log' consistently scroll a page upon page-down key (found by naddy) - make 'got fetch' create or restore remote HEAD reference if it is missing - make 'got fetch -d' delete branches from both refs/heads and refs/remotes
    1dff1298 · changes for 0.32 ·
  • 0.31   got 0.31 - take status line into account during page up/down in 'tog log' (naddy) - make 'got tree' use the current branch if invoked in a work tree (tracey) - compute pack file's checksum during download and check it in got-fetch-pack - make got-index-pack compute and verify the pack file's checksum as well - stop verifying pack file checksum in the main process during clone/fetch - fix bogus 'reference HEAD not found' error (reported by Matthias aka _xhr_) - make 'got clone' create refs/remotes/origin/HEAD, as 'git clone' does - make 'got fetch' handle updates to refs/remotes/*/HEAD
    fb2b849b · changes for 0.31 ·
  • 0.30   got 0.30 - add support for git and git+ssh network protocols (patch by ori@) - add 'got clone' and 'got fetch' commands - don't error out if rebase sees no merged paths; elide the commit instead - prevent 'got commit' from committing empty sub-directories (found by tracey) - allow limiting the output of 'got ref -l' to a single ref or a namespace - add -c option to 'got ref' which now expects just one argument after options - plug a memory leak in got-read-pack - remove 'Next' link from tags on gotweb summary page if no tags exist (tracey)
    6909a160 · changes for 0.30 ·
  • 0.29   got 0.29 - trim directories in got remove -R (tracey) - prevent commits from being listed more than once in a histedit script - fix histedit 'rebase commit ID mismatch' error when splitting a commit - be helpful when users try to check out work trees without a known branch - map 'tog path' to 'tog log path' if possible (requested by mpi) - when "bad path" errors occur always show the path in question - show merged commit ID upon merge conflict during rebase and histedit
    cff5d32f · change for 0.29 ·
  • 0.28   * got 0.28 - improve man page documentation of rebase and histedit - disallow 'got rebase' while a histedit operation is in progress - switch 'got tag' commit argument to a new -c option - let 'got branch' switch and update the work tree - improve documentation of -r flags in tog man page (naddy) - add 'got histedit -m' option which makes it easy to edit log messages - switch 'tog diff' repository path argument to a new -r option (naddy) - fix 'tog diff object1 object2' when run inside a work tree (naddy) - document semantics of got log and tog log path arguments - add ^B/^F key bindings (page up/down) to 'tog blame' and 'tog tree' (naddy) - disable compiler warnings in release builds to avoid -Werror build breakage
    233f3602 · changes for 0.28 ·
  • 0.27   got 0.27 - fix gotweb build with -O2 on sparc64 (tracey; reported by kmos) - add next/prev navigation to gotweb commit briefs and commits pages (tracey) - add new gotweb tags page and ability to navigate all tags (tracey) - ensure gotweb's libexec helpers inherit build flags from parent directories - allow 'got ref' to manipulate refs which do not have a slash in their name - add an optional path argument to 'tog tree' - fix misplaced tog search prompt in split-screen views
    1d2efe42 · changes for 0.27 ·
  • 0.26   got 0.26 - initial release of gotweb(8), a repository server for web browsers (tracey) - fix a segfault in 'got backout' (tracey, reported by semarie) - switch 'tog tree' repository path argument to a new -r option - fix 'got blame' and 'tog blame' on files added on worktree's current branch - enable searching in tog diff view with the '/' key (tracey) - ignore EROFS during checkout for repositories on read-only filesystems - do not open log message editor if there are no changes during 'histedit -c' - display branch name and first commit to be edited at top of histedit script - fix bug where 'got revert -R' failed on added subtrees - fix bug where 'got log PATH' failed to map PATH into the repository - make 'tog log' show linear history by default; add -b option and B key - make 'got log' show linear history by default; remove -f and add -b option - do not display unversioned files during 'got revert -R' - tweak default colors for directories and symlinks in 'tog tree' - sleep for one nanosecond after syncing the file index to disk - fix 'tog log -c' with tags
    f8e69f75 · changes for 0.26 ·
  • 0.25   got 0.25 - fix suspending and resuming tog with Ctrl-Z and fg (reported by naddy@) - fix 'tog tree' usage displayed in error case (patch by naddy@) - support Git-style "lightweight" tags as arguments for 'got diff' - handle Git-style "lightweight" tags in got tag -l - make got and tog accept a --version argument (prompted by tedu@) - add -E option to 'got checkout' allowing use of a non-empty work tree path - make 'tog log PATH' fail when a non-existent path is specified - fix out of bounds access (patch by Martin <openbsd () academicsolutions ! ch>) - fix switching to tog's tree view when logging a path (reported by naddy@)
    2eea88b2 · changes for 0.25 ·
  • 0.24   got 0.24 - do not open and close pack index files needlessly - fix 'got log' and 'tog log' performance issue when lots of tags exist - do history traversal in got-read-pack to improve 'got blame' performance - plug memory leaks in got-read-commit, got-read-tree, and got-read-pack - fix reading reference deltas with GOT_PACK_NO_MMAP builds - disable got-read-pack's delta cache in GOT_NO_OBJ_CACHE builds - make it possible to run regress tests with packed repositories - more portable string comparison in Makefile.inc (patch by Edgar Pettijohn) - prevent rebase with an out-of-date work tree - make 'got checkout' and 'got update' work with read-only repositories
    c6618805 · changes for 0.24 ·
  • 0.23   got 0.23 - prevent status crawl from racing with paths changing in the filesystem - add -k option to 'got remove' to keep files on disk (Tracey Emery) - add -R option to 'got remove' for recursive deletion (Tracey Emery) - add -I option to 'got add' to disregard ignore patterns (Tracey Emery) - show numeric dates in ISO-8601/xkcd-1179 format in 'tog log' and 'got blame'
    c01db4f8 · changes for 0.23 ·
  • 0.22   got 0.22 - allow empty diff context context (-C0) in 'got diff' (kn@) - add '-s search-pattern' option to 'got log' (kn@) - forward rebased branch if there are no commits to rebase, instead of error - parse remote repository URLs from gitconfig - actually forbid new reference names with a leading '-', as intended - convert tree entries from SIMPLEQ to an array for better performance - compile static binaries in PROFILE build
    22694bb8 · bump version number ·
  • 0.21   got-0.21 - add -R option to 'got add' for recursive addition (patch by Tracey Emery) - reduce the amount of memcpy() and strdup() while parsing tree entries - fix tog display issue caused by Tab in commit messages; reported by mpi@ - cache delta data buffers in an LRU cache to improve performance - add -c option to 'got branch', replacing the optional second argument
    d404e6d6 · sync distfile list ·
  • 0.20   got-0.20 - fix reading pack files larger than 2GB - try not to hide errors from helper programs when got exits - use less empty padding space after author name in 'tog log' - rename 'got init' and 'got import' default branch to "main" (patch by kmos@)
    473cb1cd · CHANGES for 0.20 ·
  • 0.19   got 0.19 - add optional colorized display mode to tog - make 'tog log' show abbreviated commit IDs if the window is large enough - fix staging of multiple files with -p - show commit date's century in 'got blame' output (patch by Tracey Emery)
    b302f6b8 · changes for 0.19 ·
  • 0.18   got 0.18 - always show the input path when realpath(3) returns an error - preserve log message when an error occurs during commit, tag, or import - ignore empty files in refs directory instead of throwing errors - show file mode differences (executable bit) when diffing in-repository trees - fix handling of executable-bit changes during update, commit, and status - improve tog's responsiveness after loading hundreds of thousands of commits - fix tog performance bug which made searching through commits very slow - add 'got integrate' command for merging a branch back to its parent branch - show content from the merge-base file in 3-way merge conflicts, if available - improved indication of 3-way merge inputs in conflict marker labels - handle read errors in got_packidx_init_hdr (found by jj@ with scan-build) - remove worklist code; it was only used to unlink files already unlinked - show bad reference names in error messages to make such errors more clear - add -w (ignore whitespace) option to 'got diff' - improved coding style and error handling in diff3 code
  • 0.17   got-0.17 - make 'got branch' without args show work tree's branch (requested by benno) - show temporary branch in 'got branch -l' during rebase and histedit - refresh references when 'tog log' view is refreshed with Ctrl+L - make 'got status' read .gitignore files; support **/ and /**/ in patterns - handle empty trees during 'import' and 'checkout' (issue reported by sthen) - show only whitelisted commit headers in 'got log' (semarie) - properly handle getline(3) return type as ssize_t (hiltjo)
    1b450cf1 · changes for 0.17 ·