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Draft: E31 text and bubble changes to better match the jpeg joke

Andrej Ficko requested to merge e31p03-blur into master

So the new idea is to change the error text to make it look non-standard by adding some details. Related #140 (closed)
Blur replacement is yet undecided.

Demo 2:
Update: Size: 208 microbytes

Old proposal: (Scraped)

Adding blur sample

Edit: Oh dear, this might cause more problems: !977 (comment 2001300) David Revoy:

I prefer the speech bubbles to not be also altered in quality in this sequence: you can't imagine how many readers still reports to me that something is broken (on website, or on printed versions) because of this sequence. I like to imagine that because of the text and speechbubble being crisp on top of the picture, many realise this is built-in the comic.

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