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    Support '-o -' audio to stdout with AU format header. · 15ef2213
    Joel K. Pettersson authored
    Unlike WAV, AU allows headers without a known length,
    making non-raw audio piping viable. Can be convenient
    for allowing some utilities to receive the audio with
    format (channels, srate, and more) already filled-in.
    Rework the old wavfile module to an expanded sndfile,
    with three formats, and endian conversion (needed for
    Of course, it's now possible to write AU files too by
    using "... -o - > file.au". But for now, no option to
    generally do that is added, -o mostly remaining a WAV
    output option.
    Update man page.
    Change log:
     * 2022-05-09: Support '-o-' audio to stdout with AU header.
     * 2022-06-01: Edit man page.
     * 2022-06-02: Doc & error printout change for completeness.
           Tidy player.c further.
           Rework README.md more.