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    Disable lexer testing. Clean-ups and portability fixes. · 4ecd529d
    Joel K. Pettersson authored
    Disable test lexer and re-enable normal output by default,
    adding a #define switch in sgensys.h to switch between the
    old parser and the test lexer.
    Some clean-ups for the test lexer, symtab code, and
    other parts of the program. Make the test lexer handle
    line comment ('#'), and change its buffered reading to
    make multiple character ungetting possible.
    Portability fixes:
     * Makefile and linking: Correct sh syntax.
       Check in Makefile for three uname -s cases:
        - Linux
        - OpenBSD or NetBSD
        - other ("generic UNIX")
       Unbreaks building on FreeBSD and DragonFly.
       Also reorder linking CC args for portability.
     * ALSA: Add missing call to snd_pcm_drain().
    Re-remove GNUmakefile and simply use Makefile.
    Change log:
     * 2017-11-27: Some cleanups for lexer and symtab modules.
                   Add debug #define for hash table in symtab.c
                   (for testing collisions).
     * 2018-01-21: Make lexer handle line comments ('#').
                   Source fix for ALSA.
                   Correct Makefile sh syntax
                   and reorder CC args for linking.
     * 2018-02-04: Fix program.c typo / memory init bug.
     * 2018-02-08: Only include LFLAGS addition
                   for OpenBSD and NetBSD on those systems.
                   Unbreaks building on FreeBSD and DragonFly.
     * 2018-02-12: Change buffered reading in the lexer.
     * 2018-02-13: Rearranging of and renamings in lexer code.
                   Add debug #define for lexer (for silent-enough
                   output to measure time to process file).
                   Move debug #define switches to sgensys.h.
     * 2018-02-14: Disable lexer, re-enable parser and output.
                   Insert #define switch in sgensys.h to toggle.
     * 2018-02-19: Replace a ';' with a ',' in heading comments.
     * 2018-02-22: Update COPYING file. (FSF link updates.)
     * 2018-05-01: Replace README with rewritten version from
                   04-16. Similar to newer versions, but with
                   references to added features removed.
     * 2018-09-19: In program.c, remove two unused functions,
                   and two useless conditionals, one broken.
     * 2018-10-25: Fix parser string matching bug
                   (not impacting the current uses).
     * 2019-01-19: Complete branch merging.
                   Correct README wording in one place.
                   Re-remove GNUmakefile and simply use Makefile.
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