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    Renaming in code, document libsau under sau/ better. · 00fb573e
    Joel K. Pettersson authored
    Rename functions, types, etc. Mainly using...
     * 's/SAU_([a-z])/sau_\1/g'
     * 's/SAU_([A-Z][a-z])/sau\1/g'
    Move 'doc/' into 'sau/'.
    Add 'sau/'.
    Split 'COPYING.LESSER' from 'COPYING',
    add these files under 'sau/' too.
    Also change my email address,
    to my new main email address.
    Set saugns version to v0.4-dev.
    Updated 2023-03-14 to clean up licensing info,
    and use ISC for all files outside 'sau/' while
    at it. (All outside libsau is only cli stuff.)
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