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Poulp is like npm, but for Vala.

It is a little programm that'll help you generating files or projects, compiling your app, managing your dependencies and more.


First, create a poulp.toml file. You can also use poulp init to do it.

name = "my-app"
version = "1.42.0"

"gtk+3.0" = "*"
"gio-2.0" = "*"
"libsoup-2.4" = "*"
semver = "^0.2.0"

Then, open a terminal and just run the following command.

poulp build

It will run this command for you.

valac *.vala -o build/my-app --pkg gtk+-3.0 --pkg gio-2.0 --pkg libsoup-2.4 --pkg semver

If you need some libraries that are not installed, run poulp install. With the manifest above, it will probably install a matching version of semver. When installing a library, it will search for it in remote repositories, clone the matching git repository, compile it for your system and install it.

For more informations, please refer to the website.

Hosting libraries

You can see an exemple repo here: https://gitlab.com/Bat41/poulp-repo-test/tree/master/.

You can use it with poulp by doing poulp repo add https://gitlab.com/Bat41/poulp-repo-test/raw/master/dist.