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    [low-res] Re-render all 1280px and set new standard · beab4789
    David Revoy authored
    Webcomics as default are now:
    * 1280px large quality 89% without sharpening
    (instead of)
    * 992px large quality 92% with sharpening
    This larger version has better immersion while reading. Also,
    imagemagick palette optimisation (under 90% quality) works better
    than five years ago when I first set 92% as a standard. Imagemagick
    also now reduce with lanczos filter (no more bicubic everywhere by
    default?) This improve the sharpening of the picture without having
    to sharpen manually with a filter the render.
    All in all, this optimisation has no cost on file weight; but 9198
    files had to be rendered again (thanks a script in svg-filewalker).
    The re-render is safe: it took the hi-res already rendered version
    for a starting point. So, Inkscape wasn't called and that mean the
    render is 'as it was' for all langs.