Hubzilla 5.6

  • Improve postgres hubloc queries
  • Implement automatic duplicate singleton hubloc removal
  • Send author id, id_sig and key fields along with author/owner
  • Implement custom redis session backend
  • Improved registration workflow
  • Complete rewrite of the registration backend with many new features
  • Complete rewrite of the invite app
  • Update Spanish, Russian and Polish translations
  • Improved PHP8 compatibiliy (work in progress)


  • Fix manual fetching of non-ascii domains
  • Fix revision not compared when importing items
  • Fix events not transformed to UTC when importing calendar
  • Fix timezone issue in mod cal
  • Fix profile photos not revalidated
  • Fix regression in caldav/carddav discovery
  • Fix caldav/carddav sync on remote access
  • Fix info and notice messages not bootstraped when using SSE
  • Fix URL including an @ treated like a webbie
  • Fix cover photo image issues on some mobile devices


  • Diaspora: improve performance when delivering public items
  • Diaspora: make sure to not process same contact more than once
  • Pubcrawl: make sure to not process same contact more than once
  • Pubcrawl: do not relay Like and Dislike activity
  • Pubcrawl: deprecate as_follow() in favour of core Activity::follow()
  • Pubcrawl: improved compatibility with mobilizon and xwiki
  • Pubcrawl: do not process follow/unfollw thread in as_create_note()
  • Diaspora: do not relay comments/likes of strangers if the thread-owner is local and does not allow comments/likes by strangers in the diaspora app settings