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  • Introduce Calendar app which deprecates Events and CalDAV apps and streamlines the featuresets
  • Update mod cal to reflect changes in the calendar app
  • Improve timezone detection for CalDAV calendars
  • Add mention support to event description in channel calendar
  • Update jgrowl library
  • Do not try to oembed URLs without embed tags
  • Optimise pdf oembed processing
  • Add form security token to mod register
  • Replace URLs for mod gallery, mod photos and mod photo on cloned channel post sync
  • Update justified gallery library
  • Update bootstrap libraries
  • Use "cache" flag for bbcode() on content destined for zot6
  • Improve DB indexing
  • Drop deprecated columns from channel the table
  • Replace own image URL in clonned channel posts
  • Improve DB update handling
  • Improve item deletion when a contact was removed
  • Zot6 compatibility for emoji reactions
  • Add threaded comments support (disabled by default)
  • Improve xmlify()/unxmlify() performance
  • Update blueimp/jquery-file-uplad library
  • Update sabre/vobject library
  • Various doco updates
  • Implement remove profile photo button (reset to default photo)
  • Implement remove cover photo button
  • Update the homeinstall script
  • Add command line tool for photo thumbnails storage conversion
  • Implement option to store photo thumbnails in filesystem instead of DB


  • Fix category widget when using articles
  • Fix live update not triggering in mod search
  • Fix encoded URLs in code blocks
  • Fix wiki headers not escaped
  • Fix possible xchan protocol confusion in new_contact()
  • Fix xchan_url not displayed if xchan_addr not available
  • Fix suggestion ordering in mod directory
  • Fix event attachment delivery to zot6


  • pubcrawl: improve friendica compatibility by adding the nonstandard diaspora:guid field
  • pubcrawl: initial suport for events
  • pubcrawl: improve permalink detection
  • flashcards: fix moving learn buttons if viewport sizes changes
  • flashcards: Move card details to the bottom of a card
  • upgrade_info: provide links to changelog
  • photocache: do not save filename for cached photos
  • pubcrawl: save local comment activitypub payload in iconfig to be used for relay
  • flashcards: UI improvements in box settings
  • pubcrawl: implement profile update messages
  • pubcrawl: use URI instead of object for actor
  • flashcards: fix jumping sync button
  • pubcrawl: add threaded comments support
  • pubcrawl: ignore target encoding errors
  • pubcrawl: format photo items for activitypub