WIP: Calendar consolidating

Pascal Deklerck requested to merge abanink/core:calendar_consolidating into dev

An attempt to enable showing an account's other channel calendar events (not cdav) & show sourced channel calendar events in the calendar view.


  • I took a very rough attempt to not show private events (testing on 'allow_cid' if it's empty or not)
  • I think currently it will only work correctly with channels on the same hub. As, when new 'channel calendar' events are created, these new events are not synced between hubs (at least I don't think it's the case) but I don't see that as something to fix here.
  • there will probably be some actions like 'Delete', 'Update' or 'Drop' event that do not work for other channels than the channel calendar itself.
  • I left in logger statements that probably don't belong in production code, so I marked this MR as "WIP" to indicate I don't expect this to be merged right now.
  • Should probably be optimised regarding the amount of events collected from the database, but I didn't want to break any existing features.

Goal is to get feedback & improve/correct what needs to improve/corrected before the implementation gets too complicated.

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