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    Migrate server to ESM · 3a499263
    Chocobozzz authored
    Sorry for the very big commit that may lead to git log issues and merge
    conflicts, but it's a major step forward:
     * Server can be faster at startup because imports() are async and we can
       easily lazy import big modules
     * Angular doesn't seem to support ES import (with .js extension), so we
       had to correctly organize peertube into a monorepo:
        * Use yarn workspace feature
        * Use typescript reference projects for dependencies
        * Shared projects have been moved into "packages", each one is now a
          node module (with a dedicated package.json/tsconfig.json)
        * server/tools have been moved into apps/ and is now a dedicated app
          bundled and published on NPM so users don't have to build peertube
          cli tools manually
        * server/tests have been moved into packages/ so we don't compile
          them every time we want to run the server
     * Use isolatedModule option:
       * Had to move from const enum to const
       * Had to explictely specify "type" imports when used in decorators
     * Prefer tsx (that uses esbuild under the hood) instead of ts-node to
       load typescript files (tests with mocha or scripts):
         * To reduce test complexity as esbuild doesn't support decorator
           metadata, we only test server files that do not import server
         * We still build tests files into js files for a faster CI
     * Remove unmaintained peertube CLI import script
     * Removed some barrels to speed up execution (less imports)