• Strengthen upload picture and filter code and tests
  • Add link to mobilizon.org on the bottom of the about page to register


  • Fix several front-end routes being accessible without authentification and make them redirect to login page (no information was given, the pages were just empty)
  • Fallback version code to Mix project version value if there's no Git information
  • Fix identity avatar change flicking or showing wrong avatar for identity
  • Fix public group page when description/list of events/list of posts are empty
  • Make sure "to" and "cc" in ActivityStreams are always lists (@vpzomtrrfrt)
  • Check port when comparing URLs (@vpzomtrrfrt)


  • Galician
  • German
  • Occitan
  • Spanish

Upgrade notes

You can find extended instructions to upgrade on this page: https://docs.joinmobilizon.org/administration/upgrading/

There are no new database migrations in this release.

TL;DR: As the mobilizon user, in the live directory:

  • Fetch and checkout the latest tag:
    • git fetch -p
    • git checkout 1.0.0
  • Install and build front-end
    • cd js
    • yarn install
    • yarn run build
    • cd ../
  • Build backend
    • MIX_ENV=prod mix deps.get
    • MIX_ENV=prod mix compile

With root permissions, restart the mobilizon service (systemctl restart mobilizon).