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Update docker image setup, various typo fixes

  • Move to Alpine 3.12 which provides imagemagick-perlmagick, thus removing the requirement of building ImageMagick ourselves.
  • Move from libressl to openssl to ensure that Net::SSLeay gets installed correctly.


  • Crypt::Rijndael still fails to install correctly. Sees to work with version 1.15, but I don't have experience with dependencies and cpan.

I tried to delete the snapshot file to allow all deps to upgrade to their latest versions, but then I run into "Something bad happened", in the logs I see this:

[2020-10-11 22:22:14.14231] [14] [error] [KejQXXtI] Operation "ne": no method found,
	left argument in overloaded package IO::Scalar,
	right argument has no overloaded magic at /usr/lutim/local/lib/perl5/Image/ line 2375.

Maybe that's easy to fix, I have no idea.

@luc Maybe a general bump of the dependencies and your Perlbending powers can make it work. Then the docker image could also be rebuilt with the updates.

Also, would be cool if you could push official images to docker hub 🎉

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