Plugin for LimeSurvey to send email via cron task or Scheduled task. Need PHP cli.

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Send token email via PHP Cli

Allow to send token email (invite or reminder) via PHP cli . This allow to use crontab or Scheduled task to send email.


  • This plugin is only tested with LimeSurvey 2.06. Tested on 2.50 build (always use latest build if possible)
  • In some LimeSurvey version : you need to manually create the ./application/runtime to use CFileLogRoute (See LimeSurvey manual).


  • Go to your LimeSurvey Directory (version up to 2.06, build 150729)
  • Clone in plugins/sendMailCron directory

Via ZIP dowload


  • When activated the plugin settings are updated to use the actual url for email. This can be updated at any time
  • You can choose
    • Max number of email to send
    • Batch size on each command
    • Minimum delay between invitation and first reminder
    • Minimum delay between each reminders
    • Same and more in each surveys setting
    • If plugin validate the email (this allow only one email by token)
    • The cron type list to be allowed in survey settings
  • To test the plugin you need to call it via PHP Cli php yourlimesurveydir/application/commands/console.php plugin cron --interval=1 (remind: it send email in this way)
  • This line can be added in your crontab or Task Scheduler


The plugin accept optionnal parameters in the command line

  • debug level from 0 : nothing is shown except errors to 3 all action are shown sendMailCronDebug=3 (integer, default 1)
  • simulate action done by the plugin : don't send any email or update token : sendMailCronSimulate=1 (boolean, default false)
  • disable all action done by the plugin in command line : sendMailCronDisable=1 (boolean, default false)
  • cronType of actual task : sendMailCronType=test (string|null, default null)

Some example

  • php yourlimesurveydir/application/commands/console.php plugin cron sendMailCronDebug=0 nothing is printed to screen except errors. By default show tested survey and action, and number of email send for each survey
  • php yourlimesurveydir/application/commands/console.php plugin cron sendMailCronDebug=3 sendMailCronSimulate=1 just to see what happen before put the command in the crontab, with all the trace of the plugin


Plugin use 2 system for logging :

  • echo at console what happen : then you can use cron system to send an email, or test the plugin : error and info was echoed
  • use Yii::log : 3 state : error, info and trace. Loggued as application.plugins.sendMailCron
    • The log file is, by default ./tmp/runtime/application.log or ./application/runtime/application.log before LimeSurvey version 2.57.2
    • To have more information on mail error : you must enable 'SMTP debug mode' in LimeSurvey instance global settings

Exemple of logging system:

      'log' => array(
          'routes' => array(
              'fileError' => array(
                  'class' => 'CFileLogRoute',
                  'levels' => 'warning, error',
              'sendMailCron' => array(
                  'class' => 'CFileLogRoute',
                  'levels' => 'info, warning, error',


Issue and merge request are welcome on framagit or github.

Translation can be done via Glotpress of Sondages Pro plugin

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