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    + Keep search terms when clicking on cancel · 7e4a587c
    Siltaar authored
    + interface refinement :
      - more contrast for bad VGA screens,
      - alignements of Meta-Findings box,
      - background-ground color of filters boxes,
      - size of search terms and placeholder
      - icons for main buttons and links in footer (some in svg)
      - put themes source-filter first
      - scroll behind source filters when displaying final results
    + Export/Import in RSS by default (as it is the most known format)
    + limit headlines loading to a max number to spare bandwith
    + avoid headlines rotation if there are less headlines than current headlines page size
    + reset button for source selection filters
    + Feedback link in footer
    + add sources (AFR, e-sidoc), fix others (Humanite, …)