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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v10.3.2
    Minor changes and fixes:
    * Fix #477: ended polls never disappear when archiving is disabled (and no more than 20 new messages).
  • v10.3.1
    e8dc9a01 · Bump v10.3.1. ·
    Minor changes and fixes:
    * Moderation delay: fix accessibility on the timer shown to moderators.
    * Fix «create new poll» icon.
  • v10.3.0
    31646bea · Bump v10.3.0. ·
    New features:
    * #132: [moderation delay](
    Minor changes and fixes:
    * Translations updates: german.
    * Performance: don't send markers, even if requested by the sender.
  • v10.2.0
    5eb0ae41 · Bump version v10.2.0. ·
    New features:
    * #231: [polls](
    * #233: new option to [mute anonymous users](
    * #18: terms & conditions. You can configure terms&conditions on your instance that will be shown to each joining users. Streamers can also add [terms&conditions in their channels options](
    Minor changes and fixes:
    * Fix #449: Remove the constraint for custom emojis shortnames to have ":" at the beginning and at the end.
    * Translations updates: french, german, crotian, polish, slovak.
  • v10.1.2
    * Fix: clicking on the import custom emojis button, without selected any file, was resulting in a state with all action button disabled.
  • v10.1.1
    d19a84a6 · Release v10.1.1. ·
    * Fix #436: Saving emojis per batch, to avoid hitting max payload limit.
    * Fix: the emojis import function could add more entries than max allowed emoji count.
    * Fix #437: removing last line if empty when importing emojis.
    * Updated translations: de, sk.
  • v10.1.0
    01b93c18 · Release 10.1.0. ·
    New features:
    * #130: Channel custom emojis.
    * #98: OBS Dock. You can now generate links to join chatrooms with your current user. This can be used to create Docks in OBS for example. This could also be used to generate authentication token to join the chat from 3rd party tools.
    * Overhauled configuration page, with more broadly customizable lists of parameters by @Murazaki ([See pull request #352](
    * #377: new setting to listen C2S connection on non-localhost interfaces.
    Minor changes and fixes:
    * Fix cleanup on channel deletion.
    * #416: Deregister prosodyctl interval callback when spawn.stdin disappears.
    * #423: Merging video-watch scope into common scope.
    * Rewriting the share chat dialog with more modern code for a better UI/UX.
    * #400: Reading livechat-active parameter on live creation API endpoint. So that the Android Peertube Live app can pass the parameter withing the first (and only) API call.
  • v10.0.2
    9931767c · Bump version 10.0.2. ·
    Minor changes and fixes:
    * Fix "become moderator" icon.
  • v10.0.1
    64e3c7a4 · Bump version 10.0.1 ·
    Minor changes and fixes:
    * #139: Fix colors in old fullpage mode (used for OBS integration for example).
    * Fix missing avatars in old fullpage mode (including OBS integration).
  • v10.0.0
    85182929 · Bump version 10.0.0 ·
    New features:
    * #177: streamer's task/to-do lists: streamers, and their room's moderators, can handle task lists directly. This can be used to handle viewers questions, moderation actions, ... More info in the [tasks documentation](
    * #385: new way of managing chat access rights. Now streamers are owner of their chat rooms. Peertube admins/moderators are not by default, so that their identities are not leaking. But they have a button to promote as chat room owner, if they need to take action. Please note that there is a migration script that will remove all Peertube admins/moderators affiliations (unless they are video/channel's owner). They can get this access back using the button.
    * #385: the slow mode duration on the channel option page is now a default value for new rooms. Streamers can change the value room per room in the room's configuration.
    Minor changes and fixes:
    * Fixed some styling when chatbox is small (hidding avatars).
  • v9.0.3
    06ff6e24 · Bump version 9.0.3. ·
    Minor changes and fixes:
    * Fix missing titles on some buttons when the chat is open.
    * Fix select styling in ConverseJS.
  • v9.0.2
    a5e23c94 · Bump version 9.0.2 ·
    Important fix:
    * The livechat plugin broke the federation with Peertube >= 6.1.0.
    Minor changes and fixes:
    * Fix #378: alert message not visible with dark theme when using external login.
    * Translation updates: french, croatian, deutsch, japanese.
    * New lang: turkish (available with Peertube >= 6.1.0).
    * Minor JS fix.
  • v9.0.1
    093d4fc7 · Release v9.0.1 ·
    Minor changes and fixes:
    * Fix #370: "open with a remote Peertube" broken when chat is embedded in an iframe.
    * Fix UI on little screens (form for anonymous users was too high).
  • v9.0.0
    91356084 · Release 9.0.0 ·
    **Breaking changes**:
    * If you were adding custom CSS to livechat iframe, it could be broken, as the livechat is no more included in an iframe. Your custom styles are now added on a `div` element.
    * If you enabled [XMPP Clients connections](, you must add a new DNS entry for ``. Check the documentation.
    New features:
    * For anonymous users: new "log in using an external account" dialog, with following options:
      * remote Peertube account,
      * #128, #363 (**Experimental Feature**): possibility to configure an OpenID Connect provider on the instance level.
      * #128, #367: adding some standard OpenID Connect providers (Google, Facebook).
    * #143: User colors: implementing [XEP-0392]( to have random colors on users nicknames
    * #330: Chat does no more use an iframe to display the chat besides the videos.
    * #330: Fullscreen chat: now uses a custom page (in other words: when opening the chat in a new tab, you will have the Peertube menu).
    * #355: ConverseJS dropdown menu available everywhere, inclusing when chat is besides the video.
    Minor changes and fixes:
    * Some code refactoring.
    * New translations: Galician, German, French, Spanish, Crotian.
    * Fix slow mode: focus was lost when textarea got disabled, so it could trigger some Peertube events if the user type some text.
    * #48: Proper 404 and 403 pages when trying to open non-existant chatroom.
  • v8.4.0
    ab8c2915 · Bump version 8.4.0 ·
    * Fix #87: updating chat room title when video/channel title is changed.
    * Updating xmppjs-chat-box version.
    * Translation updates: deutsch, japanese, russian.
    * Updating slow mode duration on existing rooms when changing channel options (related to #332).
      * This settings is no more a default duration, but the actual duration (updating labels and documentation).
    * Settings: orange warning for the "Enable connection to room using external XMPP accounts" settings.
  • v8.3.2
    * Temporary security fix for #332: rollback of v8.3.1:
      * Setting video owner as room owner as side effects. Like leaking the instance moderator/admin list. And maybe others.
      * So we rollback this feature, waiting for a better way to allow room admins/moderators to change room settings.
      * As a consequence, users that are not Peertube moderator/administrator can't change the slow mode configuration without deleting/recreating the room. This will be fixed in a later plugin version.
    * Fix mod_muc_slow_mode: add min value for slow_mode_duration field.
    * Debug Mode: new option to promote some JIDs as admins on the MUC component.
    * Fix #322: "Sepia is no longer an owner of this groupchat" message when joining the chat.
      * This was related to the fact that the bot was owner because of the "admins" Prosody config key, and not registered in the room.
      * To fix it, i added the bot as owner when creating rooms.
      * This means that the fix only work for newly created rooms.
      * There might still be an issue in ConverseJS or Prosody, don't know exactly where.
  • v8.3.1
    0b063c29 · Bump version v8.3.1 ·
    * Fix: video owner must be room owner, not only admin. Otherwise they can't edit room parameters (including slow mode settings).
  • v8.3.0
    48fb636b · Bump version v8.3.0. ·
    New features:
    * Slow mode (#192):
      * new option in room configuration to set the slow mode duration (new prosody module mod_muc_slow_mode).
      * default duration is configurable in channel's chat rooms options.
      * backend rejects messages when the slow mode is not respected.
      * front-end: display an infobox when slow mode is active.
      * front-end: disable the message field during the slow mode duration.
    Minor changes and fixes:
    * Fix ConverseJS build: translations were missing, and only english was available.
    * Replaced a sync file operation by an async one, to avoid blocking the server.
    * Fix ConverseJS bug: room information not correctly refreshed when modifications are made by other users.
    * Translation update: German, French.
  • v8.2.1
    5aaeb18e · v8.2.1 ·
    Minor changes and fixes:
    * Fix new avatars content-type.
  • v8.2.0
    8a400d2d · New abstract avatars ·
    New features:
    * New avatars, by David Revoy (#234):
      * new Sepia avatars
      * new Cats avatars
      * new Birds avatars
      * new Fenecs avatars
      * new Abstract avatars
      * plugin settings to change the avatar set (for now it is only possible to choose on the instance level, channel option will come later)
    Minor changes and fixes:
    * Fix #311:
      * Fix inconsistency between browsers on textarea outlines.
      * Fix ConverseJS input borders/outline/shadow.
    * Updated translations: german, french.
    * Fix #310: autocomplete background color.
    * Fix #314: input colors.
    * Autocomplete: adding a border, for better UI/UX.