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......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ To be installed, Lablgtk-extras requires:
<li><span class="ext-a"><a href="">Xmlm &gt;= 1.3.0</a></span>,</li>
<li><span class="ext-a"><a href="">Lablgtk &gt;= 3.1.1</a></span>.</li>
<li><span class="ext-a"><a href="">Ocf &gt;= 0.8.0</a></span>.</li>
<li><span class="ext-a"><a href="">Ocf &gt;= 1.7.0</a></span>.</li>
<li><span class="ext-a"><a href="">Yojson &gt;= 1.7.0</a></span>.</li>
<p>To compile and install:
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ To be installed, Lablgtk-extras requires:
<li><ext-a href="">Xmlm &gt;= 1.3.0</ext-a>,</li>
<li><ext-a href="">Lablgtk &gt;= 3.1.1</ext-a>.</li>
<li><ext-a href="">Ocf &gt;= 0.8.0</ext-a>.</li>
<li><ext-a href="">Ocf &gt;= 1.7.0</ext-a>.</li>
<li><ext-a href="">Yojson &gt;= 1.7.0</ext-a>.</li>
<p>To compile and install:
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