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What exactly is Pétrolette?

Pétrolette is a news reader focused on preventing anyone to know what you are reading.

How does it work?

Pétrolette uses a time-tested technology : RSS Create feeds and organize them into groups.

Why didn't I have to register? Where are my groups and feeds saved?

Your feeds are saved in your browser. Go ahead, try to visit http://petrolette.space with another web browser, and you'll see other feeds.

How can I view the same feeds on all my devices (like my phone)?

Two ways:

What is a group?

Just a container for your feeds. Specifically, a tab that you can create, (re)name, move, and delete just like usual.

What is a feed? How do I create one?

Click the «New feed» button.

You can also drag this button to your bookmark toolbar, and click it when you want to add a website to Pétrolette: Add to Pétrolette

Ok, where do I start?

Learn how to use and Pétrolette in general.

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