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[Pétrolette]( is a news reading home page, [free]( It is immediately usable **without registration** with the same URL on the desktop or a mobile device.
[Pétrolette Official website](
News feeds are organized into tabs, which can contain an infinite number of columns; everything is configurable, and saved directly in the browser cache.
Read about it in French [ici]( ; Test instance [here](
To view the same feeds on your phone, either export / import the `petrolette.conf` file, or (recommended) use the user's personal cloud synchronization feature.
## Pétrolette is a track-free online news reader
[Pétrolette]( is a #paranoid news reader : home page, usable **right away** (no installation, no registration, nothing) **totally free of charge**. It doesn’t ask you to register or create any sort of account, and won’t even ask your name. What you are reading is nobody’s (and certainly not GAFAM’s) business.
## Features
- Add your sources ([exemple of a source]( ;
- Organize them by creating groups and dragging & droppin’ sources in them ;
- If you don’t know the address/location of the source, just enter a URL like “” and Pétrolette will search the NYT domain and find its source: (it’s ;
- If you don’t have an URL, **you can even enter any term**, like "bitcoin crash" or "Zombie outbreak" and Pétrolette will build a "search source" that gets updated every time something happens.
- Check the code, it’s #open.
- Reads modern feeds (Atom, Media-RSS, etc.)
- Searches for feeds in a page / website
- Direct link to the article's resources (image, video, sound) for opening in an external reader
- Advanced image management
- Import / Export of the feeds file
- Online synchronization (Cloud)
- Construction of web search feeds
- Mobile / responsive interface
- Bookmarklet for adding the feed of a site to Pétrolette on the fly
- Compatible with FLOSS browsers (uncompressed executable files, licenses available directly and in standard format)
Pétrolette is a fantastic #news monitoring tool. Do you have researches to make, do you need to monitor tens of video channels, or you need your animals, flowers, all things nature hi-res pictures fix very day? Do you know that [NASA publishes tons of sources](
## New
Pétrolette helps you discover new sources of information ; you read it everyday on your desktop or your phone/whatnot, this is your. Private News. Portal.
### Client-side
- [The "folded" flows remain so, considerably speeding up the start-up](
- [Configurable search feed engine](
- [Scrollable menu, collapsible elements](
- [New themes](
### Server-side
- [Compression](
- [Process management](
- [CI / CD unit tests](
- Reinforced security on the test instance ([Sanitize](, [Helmet]( .html # use-helmet), etc.)
### Companion libs
- Rewrite of [Feedrat]( and [Favrat]( in async / Await
- [Installation directly from the repository (C-to-D no longer with npm)](
- CI / CD unit tests ([Feedrat]( / [Favrat](
## In the pipe
- [SSL / HTTPS](
- [HTTP2](
- [Import Netvibes](
- [Redesign of the flow configuration system](
- [Recurrent search by keywords](
- [Infinite / asynchronous scrolling in flows](
- [User themes](
- [Dedicated feeds for participating users](
Pétrolette is given to you by the Free, Libre & Open-Source movement. I worked months on it (well, I needed it in the 1st place, I use it every hour of every day) and now I’m offering it to you ; [HELP me make it even better]( (yes, it’s possible) !!
### Installation
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