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......@@ -10,10 +10,18 @@ NeWS is a simple but powerful web app to view and manage various XML (RSS, aTom,
![NeWS screenshot](
### Features
### Practical Features
Make the page your home page, and read it every morning. You know instantly what article you've read ; We're already on the web, right? Just click and read the article. This is *so much better than TV*.
### Technical Features
- AJAX (asynchronous) loading of the feeds (ie reload one single feed w/o reloading the whole page)
- Flexible/Responsive rendering of the feeds wrapping
- Additionnaly, per tab/category:
- Column mode
- Block mode
- Full block mode (for phones and small screens)
- Handles any charset encoding/langage
- Grabs the most out of the description text and displays it as standard tooltip on mouse hover
- Built-in image gallery (to view all the images in a feed, or in a category)
Supports Markdown
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