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v1.8b cleanup

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
img can be either { none first all }
photo can be either {true false}
<url tab="news"></url>
<url tab="news" img="none"></url>
<url tab="news">;hl=en&amp;pz=1&amp;ned=us&amp;output=rss</url>
<url tab="example" photo="true" numItems="1"></url>
<url tab="example" numItems="10"></url>
<url tab="example" numItems="8"></url>
<url tab="example" photo="true" numItems="3"></url>
<url tab="example" numItems="6" photo="true"></url>
<url tab="example"></url>
<url tab="example" numItems="1" photo="true"></url>
<url tab="example" photo="true" numItems="6"></url>
<!-- disabled feeds
<url tab="snd"></url>
<url tab="snd"></url>
<url tab="snd"></url>
Remember to encode & with $amp; in your feed's URI
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