First official Yakforms release.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Framaforms has become Yakforms. The modules were renamed, and manual action is needed on your instance to upgrade to the latest version. Instructions here :


  • Option to automatically export form submissions as CSV files before deletion (#113, introducted by !85, fixed by !104).
  • Introduced Drupal Token mechanism, usable on full-HTML pages (#118, !100, !107).
  • jQuery warning on form modification (!109).
  • Option to set custom 'from' mail address and subject for notification emails.
  • Warning message on forms where results are public (#67, !120).
  • Possibility to limit the number of forms / user (#116, !126).
  • Script to resend mails : scripts/resend-mail.php (!146).
  • The custom modules (Yakforms, Yakforms Public Results and Yakforms Share Results) are now distributed on, allowing easier individual modules update using Drush or the Drupal admin UI.
  • Subthemes based on TailwindCSS palette, selectable by end user on forms (!163)
  • Possibility to translate the node creation form.


  • The form1 content type is now part of the Framaforms module (declared via includes/ (!89).
  • Better admin menu (!93, !96).
  • The HTML templates for default pages are now translatable (!99).
  • Better stylesheet for printing forms (!124)
  • Wide theme modifications for new graphical identity (!162)
  • Drupal core and contrib module updates (!113, !150, !152).


  • Expiration date is now modified when a form is cloned (#61)
  • Useless fields were deleted from framaforms_feature (!89, fixed with !98).
  • Cron notification of user (!112).
  • Ajax 500 error when sharing results with users (#65).
  • Fixed display of grid component submissions when no answer was provided by the user (#12, !118).
  • Block links didn't take $base_url into account (#120, !110).
  • Fixing handling of the modification of expired forms (!130).
  • Reply-Toand From email addresses on personal contact forms (!129).