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Draft: Docker & docker-compose

nouts requested to merge gnouts/yakforms:dockerized into develop

Hi, This is a draft, I'm opening MR for visibility.

I'd like to provide an easy way to install Yakforms. I think Docker is a good way.

For now, it builds 3 flavor of docker image :

  • yakforms:latest
  • yakforms:latest-fpm
  • yakforms:latest-fpm-alpine

docker-compose is used to start postgres, yakforms and nginx.

I struggle with drupal first setup, which is not docker friendly. I didn't dive into it, I'd like to use docker variable to skip first setup like that :

Currently, following my readme, you will be able to start yakforms, access localhost and complete first setup wizard. Though, I'm unable to generate default pages, so everything is blank and unusable.

What I'd like to do :

  • use variable to facilitate/skip first setup
  • support mysql
  • build a dev image/docker-compose to help developer setup their env

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