Commit 7f61a32f authored by theo lem's avatar theo lem
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permanent fix for badly applied patch causing error on webform results access

parent 3882596b
......@@ -831,8 +831,8 @@ function webform_get_submissions_query($filters = array(), $header = NULL, $page
$sort = drupal_get_query_parameters();
// Sort by submitted data column if order is set but not in
// $metadata_columns.
$pager_query->fields('wsd', array('data'));
if (isset($sort['order']) && !in_array($sort['order'], $metadata_columns, TRUE)) {
$pager_query->fields('wsd', array('data'));
// Default if sort is unset or invalid.
if (!isset($sort['sort']) || !in_array($sort['sort'], array('asc', 'desc'), TRUE)) {
$sort['sort'] = '';
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