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version,, PeerTube, CI image

parent 28ee8c4e
image: framasoft/vuefs:latest
image: node:12-buster
- test
"name": "vue-fs-commons",
"description": "Commons data, locales, plugin, assets and components for vue-fs",
"version": "21.7.7",
"version": "21.12.2",
"author": "JosephK",
"private": true
......@@ -60,8 +60,8 @@ trouvons: <b class="violet" lang="fr">Trouvons</b><b class="vert">.org</b>
mobilizon: Mobilizon
joinmobilizon: Join Mobilizon
peertube: Peertube
joinpeertube: Join Peertube
peertube: PeerTube
joinpeertube: Join PeerTube
evl: En Vente Libre
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