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Translated using Weblate (Gaelic)

Currently translated at 100.0% (19 of 19 strings)

Translation: Framasoft/Commons
parent 31b48f8b
langChange: Atharraich an cànan
lang: Cànan
translate: Eadar-theangaich
play: Cluich
pause: Cuir ’na stad
prev: An t-sleamhnag roimhpe
next: An ath-shleamhnag
goto: Rach gu sleamhnag
indicator: Tagh sleamhnag gus a sealltainn
dio: Dì-Ghoogleamaid an eadar-lìon
newWindow: uinneag ùr
close: Dùin
nevershow: Na seall seo tuilleadh
source: Bun-tùs
contactUs: Fios thugainn
search: Lorg
clear: Falamhaich
backTop: Dhan bhàrr
dio: <b class="violet">Dì-Ghoogleamaid</b> <b class="orange">an eadar-lìon</b>
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