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......@@ -363,6 +363,20 @@ Please tell us about your own frontends/backends!
## Similar projects
### Generic tools
[fpm]( (Effing package management) is a tool
quite similar to upt. It can turn packages from PyPI/RubyGems/etc. into packages
for Debian/Fedora/etc. It features a unified command-line interface, a common
behaviour for all target distributions, and a modular design.
The main difference with upt is that it does not generate the "source" of a
package, but rather an installable package: it will generate a deb file rather
than a debian/ directory, an rpm file rather than a spec file, etc. See [this
comment on the bug
for more information.
### Per-distribution tools
Here are some tools used to turn a package from a language-specific archive to
a package suitable for a general purpose package manager. We can see that [GNU
Guix](, [NetBSD]( and
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