Commit 30fc3516 authored by Cyril Roelandt's avatar Cyril Roelandt
Browse files do not limit the list of package repositories/distributions.

parent 8f3b5a49
......@@ -72,9 +72,9 @@ The package definition will be written to the standard output.
There are two kinds of places from where packages may be installed:
- language specific package repositories (CPAN, CRAN, CTAN, Hackage, NPM, PyPI,
RubyGems, etc.)
- traditional, language agnostic package managers (apt for Debian, dnf for
Fedora, Nix, Guix, pkgsrc, the OpenBSD ports)
Fedora, Nix, Guix, pkgsrc, the OpenBSD ports, etc.)
Packages available on the former are usually also packaged in the latter ones.
Since packaging is a tedious and repetitive task, packagers have written tools
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