Commit 2a1b4d63 authored by Cyril Roelandt's avatar Cyril Roelandt
Browse files Do not limit ourselves to a few distributions.

parent 30fc3516
......@@ -81,7 +81,8 @@ Since packaging is a tedious and repetitive task, packagers have written tools
to assist them in this endeavor: Guix has "guix import", a collection of scripts
that parse CPAN, PyPI and other language specific package repositories and
generate a Guix package definition; Debian has tools such as pypi2deb,
npm2deb... The same goes for RPM-based distributions.
npm2deb... The same goes for RPM-based distributions, and other operating
Let's talk about PyPI. It seems that (almost) every single distribution has (or
will have) a tool that parses PyPI. Whatever the distribution may be (Debian,
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