Commit ad4d611c authored by Julien Lepiller's avatar Julien Lepiller
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Search for kanji and reading together

parent f80ec628
......@@ -332,9 +332,15 @@ public class JMDict extends Dictionary {
logHuffman(readingHuffman, new ArrayList<Boolean>());
// Search in Japanese, by kanji and reading
ArrayList<Integer> results = searchTrie(file, kanjiTriePos, search);
if(results == null || results.isEmpty())
results = searchTrie(file, readingTriePos, search);
ArrayList<Integer> readingResults = searchTrie(file, readingTriePos, search);
if(results != null && readingResults != null)
else if (results == null)
results = readingResults;
// Search in other language, by meaning
if(results == null || results.isEmpty())
results = searchTrie(file, meaningTriePos, search);
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