Download APKs from the Google Play store without installing the GoogleApps on your smartphone.

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GooglePlayDownloader is a graphical software for GNU/Linux to download APKs from the Google Play store.

I ever wanted to get applications from the Google Play store but didn't like my android AOSP system being tainted by Google root services neither being filed in the Google account database.

alt tag

Current version

Check in the repository/packages for Debian .deb installers

v2.4 is designed for Debian Strech (currently testing)

For older distribution (Debian 8, Ubuntu 16.04 and below), use the v2.3 which includes python-protobuf, androguard and dummydroid.


The software is based on :

The GUI ( is under AGPL licence (copyright Tuxicoman)


Dependencies are:

  • python-requests (>=0.12)
  • python-pyasn1 for SSL connections
  • python-wxgtk (>=2.8) for the GUI
  • python-protobuf (>=3.0)
  • androguard
  • dummydroid
  • python2 (>=2.7)

You can install them through your package manager. For example on Debian :

# apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8 python-requests python-pyasn1 default-jre


Use Debian package

The Debian packages are in the packages/ folder.

Install it:

# dpkg -i googleplaydownloader.deb

Solve packages dependencies:

# apt-get install -f

Manual launch

To launch the software form this folder, just do :

$ python googleplaydownloader/

Build Debian package

Build a debian package (you can also download the prebuild .deb from the website):


Enjoy !