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...@@ -3,16 +3,19 @@ Version=1.1 ...@@ -3,16 +3,19 @@ Version=1.1
Name=Carburetor Name=Carburetor
Name[fa]=کاربراتور Name[fa]=کاربراتور
Comment=Settings for Tractor Comment=Settings for Tractor
Comment[de]=Einstellungen für Tractor
Comment[es]=Configuración de Tractor
Comment[fa]=تنظیمات تراکتور Comment[fa]=تنظیمات تراکتور
Comment[fr]=Réglages de Tractor
Comment[hr]=Postavke za Tractor
Comment[nb_NO]=Innstillinger for Tractor
Comment[pt]=Configurações do Tractor
Comment[pt_BR]=Configurações do Tractor
Comment[tr]=Tractor Ayarları
Exec=carburetor Exec=carburetor
Terminal=false Terminal=false
Type=Application Type=Application
Icon=carburetor Icon=carburetor
Keywords=Tor;Tractor;Carburetor Keywords=Tor;Tractor;Carburetor
Categories=Network; Categories=Network;
[Desktop Action new-id]
Name=New ID
Name[fa]=هویت جدید
Exec=tractor newid
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