Commit 9ba94524 authored by Vincent's avatar Vincent


prise en compte du passage en privé de la méthode Polynome.simplifie()
parent 7d31d985
......@@ -159,11 +159,7 @@ public class CLIP {
if (type == Variable.TYPE_VOID) System.out.println("");
if (type == Variable.TYPE_ENT) System.out.println(analsem.getIntValue());
if (type == Variable.TYPE_FRAC) System.out.println(analsem.getFracValue());
if (type == Variable.TYPE_POLY) {
Polynome poly = analsem.getPolyValue();
if (type == Variable.TYPE_POLY) System.out.println(analsem.getPolyValue());
} catch (AnalyseException ce) {
System.err.println("ERREUR !!");
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