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Commit 682316b1 by Thierry BUGEAT

Script to build FXOS version

parent 642d86bc
# ============================================================
# --- Get values "version" and "id" from file "config.xml" ---
# ============================================================
VERSION=`cat config.xml| sed -n 's/.*version="\([0-9]\.[0-9]*\.[0-9]*\).*/\1/p'`
ID=`cat config.xml| sed -n 's/.*id="\([a-z]*\.[a-z]*\.[a-z]*\).*/\1/p'`
# ============================
# --- Build and rename APP ---
# ============================
cordova build firefoxos
cp platforms/firefoxos/build/package.zip ${APP_NAME}_${VERSION}.zip
# ===============
# --- Ugly :( ---
# ===============
# Remove plugin vibration who does not works on FXOS platform.
# (It works on Android platform)
zip -d ${APP_NAME}_${VERSION}.zip "plugins/cordova-plugin-vibration/*"
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