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## Pictures from my trip to Iceland
I have more, but since I am away from home right now I don't have access to them. I will add more later.
## Welcome to Turner's homepage.
# My Blog
`some code` - __other stuff__ - **more stuff**
Here is my blog. Not quite sure what I will put here yet. There will probably just be occasional photos with life updates as well as posts about different projects I am working on.
### And also:
I would really appreciate it if **images of my face remain on this website**, meaning, do not save them to your device, or link to them publicly or privately anywhere on the internet or the phone network. If you feel like you must share a picture with me in it, please blur my face out or otherwise obscure me before doing so. Thank you.
### Recent posts:
- [New Website!](/articles/new_website.html)
- [Iceland Pictures](/articles/iceland_pictures.html)
(You can browse and search all the posts via the site map)
## New website!
I forked [swx]( and added and removed bits to my liking to create this new site. I still have the old static one on git [here]( and the new site git is linked in the footer of every page. It was about time I stopped hand-writing HTML and switched to a static-site-generator with markdown support, but I wanted something very minimal. After looking at the options available I decided swx would be good since it only depends on lowdown (for markdown parsing) and /bin/sh which is a very small footprint and is also very extensible since it is entirely in shell scripts and generates with a Makefile.
# Glitch Art and Digital Photography
Here is some of my glitch art. All the source images are also mine, but I use them purely as source materials for my glitch art. Everything here features a combination of pixelsorting, databending, traditional editing, and various other techniques (using free software). The website background is also one of my pieces.
# Some documents
# Here are various webpages I've made
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This is where I will post anything that doesn't quite fit in my blog, like technical tutorials, digital art galleries, etc.
### Pages:
- [Glitch Gallery](/docs/glitch.html)
Welcome to my amazing website using [swx](
Here is a nice pic :
## Turner Hall's personal webpage
I'm a Computer Science major at Trinity University with a passion for Free Software and ethical computing. I like programming recreationally, creating digital art, reading, and sometimes playing video games (but nothing too fast-paced).
### Here are some personal links and contact info:
- [My git]( but also [My github]( (which I mostly avoid)
- My email: graydonhall(at)riseup(dot)net
- My cell phone: Three4Six2Four70ne6NineFour
### Other things on my site:
- [Blog](/articles/)
- [Pages](/docs/)
Here is a nice pic from my trip to Iceland:
## See ya !
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