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......@@ -23,20 +23,28 @@ Unless stated otherwise in the release notes, the following steps are enough to
The URL redirects to [the latest <ins>stable</ins> release package available]( ([Gitlab doesn't allow to do this directly currently](, but you shouldn't use it it you want to get a beta version or a different version.
* Download the latest release build and unzip it:
* Download the latest release build and extract it:
curl '' -o /tmp/mobilizon.tar.gz
tar xzf /tmp/mobilizon.tar.gz -C /tmp/
### Perform the upgrade
* Stop the running Mobilizon process
sudo systemctl stop mobilizon
* Move the release to the install folder, replacing the previous install:
rsync -a /tmp/mobilizon /opt/
rm /tmp/mobilizon.tar.gz
sudo rm -rf /opt/mobilizon
sudo mv /tmp/mobilizon /opt/
sudo rm /tmp/mobilizon.tar.gz
* Set the proper owner to `/opt/mobilizon`
chown -R mobilizon:mobilizon /opt/mobilizon
sudo chown -R mobilizon:mobilizon /opt/mobilizon
### Perform the eventual database migrations
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