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dates fix after suggestion from fediverse people

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related activities for the web, and create the #[em OLKi platform] to feature it.
The Fediverse is originally a social-network-oriented text communication platform that has emerged as
a citizen initiative in 2017. It has quickly grown, both in number of users (more than 2.5 million
a citizen initiative in 2008. It has quickly grown in 2017, both in number of users (more than 2.5 million
users in November 2018) and supported functionalities, including for instance blog-like platforms
(#[a(href='') Plume]), image sharing (#[a(href='') Pixelfed]),
video sharing (#[a(href='') PeerTube]), audio sharing (#[a(href='') funkwhale]), etc.
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and open communication platform between researchers, but also between scientists and citizens. A need that
is currently (partially) covered by sites such as Reddit, although we argue they are unfit for the role.
In that sense it will be more than a platform to host datasets and provide features that current dataset
hosting platforms lack.
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hosting platforms lack.
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