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fix(posts): fix redirections

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......@@ -3,4 +3,4 @@
/2018/08/11/Dos-au-Muur/ /posts/2018-08-11-dos-au-muur/ 301
/posts/2017-01-21-star-wars-redemention/ /categories/livre-de-base/ 301
/posts/2017-08-15-starwars-redemption-v1.2.0/ /categories/livre-de-base/ 301
/2020-04-05-starwars-redemption-v1.2.1/ /posts/star-wars-redemption-manual-upgrade/ 301
/posts/2020-04-05-starwars-redemption-v1.2.1/ /posts/star-wars-redemption-manual-upgrade/ 301
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