Commit 9b7a1949 authored by Victor A. Stoichiţă's avatar Victor A. Stoichiţă
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[bib] revert name of reading list

parent 362a2e19
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@
("Timestamp" 10 t)))
(setq ebib-file-associations '(("docx" . "soffice") ("odt" . "soffice")("doc" . "soffice")))
(setq ebib-reading-list-file "~/bib/"
(setq ebib-reading-list-file "~/bib/"
ebib-reading-list-todo-marker "LIRE"
ebib-reading-list-template "* %T :lire:\n:PROPERTIES:\n%K\n:END:\n%L\n")
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