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......@@ -45,6 +45,34 @@ After that it is possible to call `use-package` with the `:quelpa` keyword:
:quelpa ((abc-mode :fetcher github :repo "mkjunker/abc-mode") :upgrade t))
### Using quelpa with `:ensure`
To make `:ensure t` use `quelpa` instead of `package.el` set the `use-package-ensure-function` in your init file:
(setq use-package-ensure-function 'quelpa)
After that:
(use-package abc-mode :ensure t)
will install `abc-mode` with `quelpa`.
And if you enable `use-package-always-ensure`:
``` cl
(setq use-package-always-ensure t)
``` cl
(use-package abc-mode)
Will install `abc-mode` with `quelpa`.
### Conditional execution
Note that the `:quelpa` keyword is inserted after `:if`, `:when`, `:unless` and `:requires` so that you can make the installation of a package depend on some requirement, for example:
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