Commit a87c9713 authored by steckerhalter's avatar steckerhalter

tidy more

parent fe1b417a
......@@ -8,13 +8,20 @@ If you are using [use-package]( (which c
Assuming you have bootstrapped `quelpa` and installed `use-package` probably like this:
(quelpa '(use-package :fetcher github :repo "jwiegley/use-package" :files ("use-package.el")))
:fetcher github
:repo "jwiegley/use-package"
:files ("use-package.el")))
To use the `:quelpa` keyword with `use-package`, install `quelpa-use-package` and require the library:
(quelpa '(quelpa-use-package :fetcher github :repo "quelpa/quelpa-use-package"))
:fetcher github
:repo "quelpa/quelpa-use-package"))
(require 'quelpa-use-package)
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