Commit 4d9f8878 authored by Masahiro Nakamura's avatar Masahiro Nakamura

Change insertion position of `:quelpa'

parent 226f928c
......@@ -49,12 +49,12 @@ can prevent packages from being updated automatically.")
(defvar quelpa-use-package-keyword :quelpa)
;; insert `:quelpa' keyword after `:requires' so that quelpa only runs
;; insert `:quelpa' keyword after `:unless' so that quelpa only runs
;; if either `:if', `:when', `:unless' or `:requires' are satisfied
(defun quelpa-use-package-set-keyword ()
(unless (member quelpa-use-package-keyword use-package-keywords)
(setq use-package-keywords
(let* ((pos (cl-position :requires use-package-keywords))
(let* ((pos (cl-position :unless use-package-keywords))
(head (cl-subseq use-package-keywords 0 (+ 1 pos)))
(tail (nthcdr (+ 1 pos) use-package-keywords)))
(append head (list quelpa-use-package-keyword) tail)))))
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