Commit a426dbdb authored by steckerhalter's avatar steckerhalter
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better highlighting for clocked tasks in agenda

parent 0c516b5d
......@@ -478,10 +478,11 @@
`(nxml-delimited-data-face ((,class (:foreground unspecified :inherit font-lock-string-face))))
;; org
`(org-agenda-structure ((,class (:foreground ,violet))))
`(org-agenda-clocking ((,class (:background ,magenta-darkest))))
`(org-agenda-date ((,class (:foreground ,blue :underline nil))))
`(org-agenda-done ((,class (:foreground ,green))))
`(org-agenda-dimmed-todo-face ((,class (:foreground ,faint))))
`(org-agenda-structure ((,class (:foreground ,violet))))
`(org-block ((,class (:foreground ,orange))))
`(org-code ((,class (:foreground ,yellow))))
`(org-column ((,class (:inherit default))))
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