Commit 11fcfe79 authored by steckerhalter's avatar steckerhalter
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add hackernews faces

parent bf2bb777
...@@ -372,6 +372,11 @@ ...@@ -372,6 +372,11 @@
`(grep-hit-face ((,class (:foreground ,blue)))) `(grep-hit-face ((,class (:foreground ,blue))))
`(grep-match-face ((,class (:foreground nil :background nil :inherit match)))) `(grep-match-face ((,class (:foreground nil :background nil :inherit match))))
;; hackernews
`(hackernews-link ((,class (:foreground ,orange))))
`(hackernews-comment-count ((,class (:foreground ,yellow-dark))))
`(hackernews-score ((,class (:foreground ,yellow-darker))))
;; helm ;; helm
`(helm-M-x-key ((,class (:foreground ,pink :underline t)))) `(helm-M-x-key ((,class (:foreground ,pink :underline t))))
`(helm-buffer-size ((,class (:foreground ,orange)))) `(helm-buffer-size ((,class (:foreground ,orange))))
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