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Fix et actualisation data.en/es

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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
$langs = [
'fr' => 'Français',
'en' => 'English',
//'es' => 'Español',
'es' => 'Español',
......@@ -105,7 +105,6 @@ $t['map']['camps']['np1'] = 'Edward Snowden’s revelations about the PR
$t['map']['camps']['np2'] = 'Using centralized services
amounts to offering your personal data to surveillance organizations without any means to control what they do with it.';
// Accueil
$t['why']['title'] = 'Main Page';
$t['why']['link'] = $l['current'];
......@@ -333,41 +332,11 @@ $t['alt']['altp4'] = 'So when we use Internet, we must necessarily <b>trus
// Espace médias
$t['medias']['title'] = 'Media area';
$t['medias']['link'] = 'medias';
$t['medias']['desc'] = '';
$t['medias']['css'] = '<link href="'.$l['current'].'css/list.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />';
$t['medias']['js'] = '<script src="'.$l['current'].'js/leds.js" type="text/javascript"></script>';
$t['medias']['subtitle'] = 'History of the De-google-ify Internet campaign';
$t['medias']['intro'] = 'To begin this third year of its campaign of alternative proposals for services provided by Google & co, Framasoft is launching six new services based on free software as of 3 October.';
$t['medias']['btnCPtxt'] = 'Read the<br/>press release';
$t['medias']['btnCPurl'] = 'img/2016_communique_degooglisons_Framasoft.html';
$t['medias']['btnDPtxt'] = 'Download the<br/>press release';
$t['medias']['btnDPurl'] = 'img/dossier_presse-Degooglisons_internet-2016.pdf';
$t['medias']['1title'] = 'Posts on the Framablog';
$t['medias']['1intro'] = '<a href="">Framablog</a> is our main tool for communicating with the general public. All six of the new services launching our campaign will be presented during the week of 3 October 2016.';
$t['medias']['1list'] = '
<li><em>Monday 03/10</em> : [FRENCH] <a href="">3rd Year De-google-ify Internet Campain </a>présentation.</li>
<li><em>Monday 03/10</em> : <a href="">Framalistes</a>, alternative to Google Groups.</li>
<li><em>Tuesday 04/10</em> : <a href="">Framanotes</a>, alternative to Evernote.</li>
<li><em>Wednesday 05/10</em> : <a href="">Framaforms</a> alternative to Google Forms.</li>
<li><em>Thursday 06/10</em> : <a href="">Framatalk</a>, alternative to Skype.</li>
<li><em>Friday 07/10</em> : <a href="">Framagenda</a> alternative to Google Agenda & Contacts.</li>
<li><em>Monday 10/10</em> : <a href="">MyFrama</a> alternative to & Google Notes and account.</li>
$t['medias']['2title'] = 'Link to services';
$t['medias']['2intro'] = 'Even though they will be presented throughout the week on our blog, these six new services will be online as early as 3 October. Click on the name of the service to try it.';
$t['medias']['2list'] = '
<li><a href=""><b class="violet">Frama</b><b class="vert">listes</b></a></li>
<li><a href=""><b class="violet">Frama</b><b class="vert">notes</b></a></li>
<li><a href=""><b class="violet">Frama</b><b class="vert">forms</b></a></li>
<li><a href=""><b class="violet">Frama</b><b class="vert">talk</b></a></li>
<li><a href=""><b class="violet">Fram</b><b class="vert">agenda</b></a></li>
<li><a href=""><b class="violet">My</b><b class="vert">Frama</b></a></li>
$t['medias']['tabstitle'] = 'Visuals for de-google-ify year 3';
$t['medias']['intro'] = 'Dégooglisons Internet est une campagne qui a duré trois ans (oct. 2014 - oct. 2017), mais qui s’inscrit dans un cheminement plus général de Framasoft. <br/>Parcourez de la molette la fresque ci-dessous pour en découvrir les dates-clés (plein écran <a href="">disponible ici</a>).';
$t['medias']['desc'] = '';
$t['medias']['js'] = '';
$t['medias']['tabstitle'] = 'Visuals for the de-google-ify campain';
$t['medias']['tabsintro'] = 'Unless otherwise stated, all our visuals are made by <a href="">Simon « Gee » Giraudot</a> and are freely reusable under the licence <a href=""><span lang="en">Creative Commons By</span>-<abbr>SA</abbr> 4.0</a>.</em> These visuals are in large size (contrary to appearances). However, if you need a higher resolution, feel free to contact us.';
$t['medias']['tabssaveas'] = 'To reuse the picture, right click on the image and “save image as”';
......@@ -484,9 +453,6 @@ $t['medias']['presslist'] = [
['24/05/2015', 'Le Soir (Belgique)',
'Lien vers l’article (abonnés)'],
['29/04/2015', 'Canal + (La Nouvelle Édition)',
'Lien vers la vidéo'],
['03/02/2015', 'L’Humanité',
'Lien vers l’article'],
......@@ -499,7 +465,7 @@ $t['medias']['presslist'] = [
$t['medias']['framatitle'] = 'Framasoft in a few links';
$t['medias']['framalist'] = '
<ul >
<li><a href="">Contact us</a> (This form relates directly to our press service).</li>
<li><a href="">Wikipedia page</a> dedicated to Framasoft.</li>
<li>Framasoft <a href="">Complete presentation</a>.</li>
......@@ -631,6 +597,7 @@ $d[$k]['tags'] = 'site, homepage, web, html';
$k= 'bubblus';
$d[$k]['sDesc'] = 'Mind Map';
$d[$k]['lDesc'] = 'Create your mind maps';
$d[$k]['tDesc'] = 'Design, publish and share mind maps easily, on your own or with others in turn (alternative to';
$d[$k]['hDesc'] = 'Interface fluide et intuitive pour créer rapidement et
simplement des cartes heuristiques à même votre navigateur.
......@@ -656,9 +623,9 @@ $d[$k]['tags'] = 'produce, mindmap, brainstorming';
$k= 'change';
$d[$k]['sDesc'] = 'Petitions';
$d[$k]['lDesc'] = 'Launch your petitions without giving away the addresses of your backers';
$d[$k]['tDesc'] = 'Launch your petitions from an ethical platform, which doesn\t exploit your supporter\'s data (alternative to Avaaz,';
$d[$k]['hDesc'] = '';
$d[$k]['tDesc'] = 'Launch your petitions from an ethical platform, which doesn\'t exploit your supporter\'s data (alternative to Avaaz,';
$d[$k]['hDesc'] = '';
$d[$k]['mTitle'] = 'Free your petitions';
$d[$k]['mBody'] = '<p>
......@@ -705,6 +672,7 @@ $d[$k]['tags'] = 'share, store, links';
$k= 'doodle';
$d[$k]['sDesc'] = 'Meetings and polls';
$d[$k]['lDesc'] = 'Schedule a meeting or create an opinion poll';
$d[$k]['tDesc'] = 'Collaboratively decide the best date and time for a meeting, or create a simple poll with ease (alternative to Doodle).';
$d[$k]['hDesc'] = 'Framadate is a bit like Doodle but libre software.
It couldn\'t be easier to invite your collaborators to organize
......@@ -1074,9 +1042,9 @@ $d[$k]['tags'] = 'share, images, gallery, encryption';
$k= 'meetup';
$d[$k]['sDesc'] = 'Community events';
$d[$k]['lDesc'] = 'Organise meetings and special interest groups';
$d[$k]['hDesc'] = '';
$d[$k]['tDesc'] = '';
$d[$k]['hDesc'] = '';
$d[$k]['mTitle'] = 'Keep control over the meetings that you organize';
$d[$k]['mBody'] = '<p>
......@@ -1275,9 +1243,7 @@ $d[$k]['lDesc'] = 'Share your files anonymously';
$d[$k]['tDesc'] = 'Share web file with a web link, confidentialy with end to end encryption (alternative to WeTransfer).';
$d[$k]['hDesc'] = 'With Framadrop, no more issue with attachment too big
impairing you to send files by <span lang="en">email</span>.
This Free service allow you to easily and securily share files. ';
$d[$k]['mTitle'] = 'Share your files easily';
......@@ -1316,9 +1282,9 @@ $d[$k]['mBody'] = '<p>
$k= 'jsfiddle';
$d[$k]['sDesc'] = 'Share Code';
$d[$k]['lDesc'] = '';
$d[$k]['hDesc'] = '';
$d[$k]['tDesc'] = '';
$d[$k]['hDesc'] = '';
$d[$k]['mTitle'] = '';
$d[$k]['mBody'] = '';
......@@ -1391,9 +1357,9 @@ $d[$k]['mBody'] = '<p>
$k= 'transifex';
$d[$k]['sDesc'] = 'Software translation';
$d[$k]['lDesc'] = 'Create a new translation project for your software';
$d[$k]['hDesc'] = '';
$d[$k]['tDesc'] = '';
$d[$k]['hDesc'] = '';
$d[$k]['mTitle'] = 'Make your code multilingual!';
$d[$k]['mBody'] = '<p>
......@@ -1423,54 +1389,6 @@ $d[$k]['mBody'] = '<p>
<b class="violet">How does it work?</b> Choose a client, open an account, then subscribe to various feeds and tweet.
* Mises à jour *
// Etherpad Lite
$k = 'up-padlite'; $ko = 'gdocs'; // prefix "up-" compulsory ; $ko is the id of the initial project
$d[$k]['lDesc'] = $d[$ko]['lDesc']; // Copy/Paste
$d[$k]['mTitle'] = $d[$ko]['mTitle'];
$d[$k]['mBody'] = $d[$ko]['mBody'];
$d[$k]['name'] = 'Replacing Etherpad by the “lite” version for public pads';
// Wisemapping
$k = 'up-framindmap2'; $ko = 'bubblus';
$d[$k]['lDesc'] = $d[$ko]['lDesc'];
$d[$k]['mTitle'] = $d[$ko]['mTitle'];
$d[$k]['mBody'] = $d[$ko]['mBody'].'
<b class="violet">Update:</b> the software underlying Framindmap is now Wisemapping rather than Mindmaps. This software is more complete, allowing you to bind documents at the nodes or save your work in such a way that it can easily be found and shared on the internet.
$d[$k]['name'] = 'Mindmaps replaced by Wisemapping';
// Framadate 0.8
$k = 'up-framadate2'; $ko = 'doodle';
$d[$k]['lDesc'] = $d[$ko]['lDesc'];
$d[$k]['mTitle'] = $d[$ko]['mTitle'];
$d[$k]['mBody'] = $d[$ko]['mBody'].'
<b class="violet">Update:</b> this update of Framadate involves a graphic and technical overhaul of the service. The interface is clearer and more ergonomic. It’s now possible to answer a survey option by “maybe”.
$d[$k]['name'] = 'Development axis: ergonomy and accessibility';
// MyPads
$k = 'up-mypads'; $ko = 'gdocs';
$d[$k]['lDesc'] = $d[$ko]['lDesc'];
$d[$k]['mTitle'] = $d[$ko]['mTitle'];
$d[$k]['mBody'] = $d[$ko]['mBody'].'
<b class="violet">Update:</b> This update is important. You can now have dedicated instances (for science or education, for example). Moreover, you can now manage private pads (by groups or passwords).
$d[$k]['name'] = 'Development and integration of Mypads plugin';
* Projets hors Frama *
......@@ -1552,7 +1470,4 @@ $c2['share']['name'] = 'Share links and files';
$c2['tools']['name'] = 'Synchronise and share';
$c2['search']['name'] = 'Improved web experience';
$c2['games']['name'] = 'Have fun with free software';
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