Commit 04e5d481 authored by  JosephK's avatar JosephK
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[del] Liste de diffusion FDN

parent 6c84838c
......@@ -305,7 +305,7 @@ $d[$k]['S'] = '<a href="">Sympa</a>';
$d[$k]['F'] = '<a href="'.$d[$k]['FL'].'"><b class="violet">Frama</b><b class="vert">listes</b></a>';
$d[$k]['name'] = $e['google']['fa'].'Google Groupes';
$d[$k]['eq'] = '';
$d[$k]['altOn'] = '<a href="">Riseup</a>, <a href="">Ouvaton</a>, <a href="">Sud-Ouest</a>, <a href="">FDN</a>';
$d[$k]['altOn'] = '<a href="">Riseup</a>, <a href="">Ouvaton</a>, <a href="">Sud-Ouest</a>';
$d[$k]['altOff'] = $d[$k]['S'].', <a href="">Mailman</a>';
$d[$k]['pos'] = '660,485,40';
$d[$k]['FDate'] = '<a href="">2016</a>';
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