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......@@ -5,3 +5,15 @@ A collection of CSMs (Client-Side Mods), primarily aimed at automating the menia
tasks on BlS. A lot of them might also be useful on other servers.
License: GNU Affero GPL version 3 or any later version.
1. Compile ``, branch `5.3.0-specing`
(you can run it with `./bin/minetest` instead of installing).
2. Clone this to `~/.minetest/clientmods` or link the desired mods.
3. For every desired mod, add `load_mod_<name> = true` into ~/.minetest/clientmods/mods.conf`
or link/copy `doc/mods.conf` to load them all.
load_mod_library = true
load_mod_auto_eat = true
load_mod_inventory = true
load_mod_position_logger = true
load_mod_preview = false
load_mod_testing = true
load_mod_terumet_util = true
load_mod_general_util = true
load_mod_techpack_util = true
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