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......@@ -184,14 +184,3 @@ and `javascript
by placing them into your documentation static directory.
Do not hotlink to those hosted here: they will change without notice.
.. rubric:: Footnotes
.. [#numrefpatch] To solve this, I could:
- fork Sphinx;
- rewrite half on Sphinx in my extension;
- propose a patch to the official Sphinx project.
For obvious reasons, I won't implement the first two solutions. I might try to implement the last one, but it will take time.
......@@ -286,4 +286,4 @@ def setup(app):
for environment in app.config.proof_theorem_types:
app.add_directive_to_domain("proof", environment, StatementEnvironment)
app.connect("builder-inited", generate_latex_preamble)
app.connect("config-inited", generate_latex_preamble)