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TODO Link to documentation `documentation <>`__.
TODO Screenshot
An HTML dashboard to monitor your `PyPI packages <//>`_. It
displays a line charts showing the evolution of downloads across versions, and
a set of badges (download statistics, `readthedocs <//>`__ badge,
continuous integration, etc.). See the example below.
It is available as a `command line interface
<//>`_ that generates the HTML code, and as a
`web server <//>`_, to generate and serve this
What's new?
See `changelog
What's next?
This package replaces a static page that I manually updated from times to times. It does what I need, so there is little chance that I will develop it further. However, I see two directions this project could take:
- break everything, remove every single line of python code, and rewrite everything in javascript, so that this can be served as a static page (from the server point of view) that can be published using github pages, readthedocs, etc., and conquer the world;
- or replace this quick and dirty web server using `your favorite web framework <//>`_, cache requests to the pypi API, publish it somewhere, and conquer the world.
I will do neither. But if you want to, you have my blessing… :)
Download and install
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