Authored by Midgard

JOSM: all AIV aerial imagery

Screenshot showing menu entries

Short instructions

To use this, put the snippet underneath the line <maps key='imagery.entries'> in JOSM's preferences.xml.

Detailed instructions

  • Close JOSM.
  • Find preferences.xml.
    • On Linux, go to ~/.josm in your File Browser, or if that doesn't exist, to ~/.config/JOSM.
    • On Windows, go to %APPDATA%\JOSM in the File Browser.
    • On macOS, go to /Users/<YourUserName>/Library/Preferences/JOSM in Finder.
  • Make a copy of your preferences.xml in case something goes wrong (for example preferences.xml.bak).
  • Open preferences.xml in a text editor.
    • Make sure you use a plain text editor like Notepad on Windows, gedit on Linux or TextEdit on macOS – if a document processor like LibreOffice Writer or Microsoft Word opens, close it immediately without saving!
  • Copy the snippet below.
    • Tip: to copy, you can use this button: copy-location
  • Find the line <maps key='imagery.entries'> in preferences.xml and paste the snippet directly underneath it.
  • Save and close the file, and start JOSM. You should now have the entries in the Imagery menu.

If the process failed and you lost your JOSM preferences, do this: close JOSM, remove preferences.xml and rename preferences.xml.bak to preferences.xml. The imagery won't be added, but at least you have your configuration back.

snippet_from_preferences.xml 28.4 KB
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